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Expand Your Business Offshore. Outsource to the Philippines.

We are a leading offshore staffing
company from the Philippines

Why Outsource with Deployed

Our goal is to find and place exceptional remote staff that will stay with you and will constantly exceed your expectations.

Exceptional Staff

We deliver exceptional offshore staffing solutions and provide you with high quality employees.

Advanced Facilities

Our spacious open plan offices are supported by advanced network infrastructure, plus the best technology and equipment.

Quality Assurance

We are dedicated to delivering the best Business Process Outsourcing solutions to our clients.

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How Offshore Staffing Works

With Deployed, you can scale your business quickly, easily and cost effectively with a dedicated remote staff.


You provide a job description

Just tell us what you need


We recruit talented professionals

Highly skilled, hardworking, motivated


Your dedicated staff report to you

Daily, full time from our offices in Manila


We manage the office operations

You avoid the distractions of IT, payroll, admin tasks

Why Outsource to the Philippines

Award Winning

3-time winner Offshoring Destination of the Year by National Outsourcing Association UK

English Speaking

3rd largest English-speaking nation in the world with 93% literacy rate

Western Culture

Culturally compatible with Western society due to over 500 years of Spanish and American colonization

Hard Working

Filipino are natural hard workers, taking great pride in the quality of their work

Time Zone

The time difference between Australia and the Philippines is only 2-3 hours

Proven Success

Demand for Philippine outsourcing services growing at over 30% per year, faster than India

Cost Savings

Philippine salaries are a fraction of those in Australia, with the daily minimum wage set at only $8 per day

How Outsourcing Helps Your Business

Reduce Costs

Cut business overheads without compromising quantity.

Stay Focused

Free up internal resources to focus on growth activities.

Reinvest in Growth

Create financial headroom to invest in new business.

What to Outsource

Business Support
Accounting & Bookkeeping, HR & Recruitment, Data Entry & Processing, Virtual Assistance, Transcription, Paraplanning
Creative Services
Web & Graphic Design, Content Writing, Proofreading & Editing, Computer Animation, 3D Modeling, CAD Drafting
IT Support
Web & Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Game Development,
Technical Support
Internet Services
Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content & Community Moderation, Game Moderation

What Clients Say

“Deployed has totally exceeded our expectations, and is now a crucial partner in our success.
Andy Thorne |
“For anyone looking to maximise their business, I highly recommend the Deployed team and outsourcing model.
Mike Taylor |
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