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About Us

Partners in building your dedicated, remote team.

Who we are

At Deployed, you’re in control of your team. We’re completely transparent and focused on helping you reduce overheads – but without compromising on quality. Our extensive experience means you get better local advice and guidance, and ongoing support ensures your goals are realised.

The advantages of working with us:

  • Straight up – count on us to get to the point. Straight talkers, we focus on solving problems and delivering the solutions you need. 
  • Trusted partner – you get the best outcomes working in tandem with us, both during setup and in the ongoing support of your team. 
  • Experts – we know outsourcing, we know the local market environment, we know the talent. 
  • Worth doing – our guidance means your effort doesn’t outweigh the cost benefits.
  • Quality without compromise – outsourcing doesn’t mean you have to lower your quality levels.
  • The best talent – we’re connected to a large pool of highly skilled, hard working professionals. 
  • Hands on leaders – our senior team are actively involved at all stages so you get the attention you need.

Why we started

Starting out as an accounting business, we knew, first hand, the benefits outsourcing could bring to businesses. We also noticed how a lot of outsourcing companies weren’t building relationships with their clients, and saw the opportunity for an outsourcing company to add real value.

With a highly developed business environment and a skilled English-speaking, hard-working workforce, we pinpointed the Philippines as our business destination, and Deployed was born.

Offering businesses transparent, end-to-end management and support, we are accountable, reliable and here to help you get the most out of your offshore team, with us by your side every step of the way. Our success is based on your success, so we work in partnership with your business to deliver the outcomes you need.

The Team

We succeed because we care. With combined expertise in business ownership, business development, recruitment, and client management, we pride ourselves on being a team that always listens, and always delivers.

Geoff Baldwin

CEO  |  Director
+64 21 923 664

Geoff is the founder and managing director of Deployed. He is passionate about seeing businesses succeed and become leaders in the local and global market. Geoff has started, built, and grown businesses in the financial services industry and in digital communications. Geoff now focuses on helping businesses in Australia and New Zealand reach their potential through effective outsourcing solutions. “You have to always be looking for the next opportunity, and when you see it, take it.”

Geoff is on the board of the NZ Entrepreneurs Organisation, and believes evolution and positive change is the key to success.

Angela McDonald

Chief Business Development Officer  |  Director

Angela is an experienced BPO manager with a reputation for going the extra mile to ensure her clients see the growth they want. Having lived in the Philippines for over ten years, Angela has a deep understanding of the people and culture.

With a background in recruitment and client services, Angela has a proven track record of maintaining relationships over the long term and seeing the bigger picture. Angela is passionate about meeting new people and hearing their stories. “What you do today could change the way others work, think or see things tomorrow”.

Phillip Drew

CFO  |  Director

With over 12 years in financial management, Phillip is an experienced CFO for the insurance, financial services, and digital agency sectors. As a process driven and analytical thinker, Phillip’s always up for a challenge and relished the opportunity to be involved in the creation of Deployed from its inception.

He enjoys seeing the value Deployed provides its clients. By helping them successfully manage their remote teams, Deployed enables companies to grow their businesses and free up their local staff to add additional value to their business.

Bambi Galban

HR / Recruitment Manager

With over 12 years in HR management, Bambi has a wealth of knowledge and experience at finding and retaining the best talent in the Philippines.

Mhartin Fuentes

Recruitment Specialist

Mhartin has been in the recruitment field for 6 years, building broad knowledge in candidate management, recruitment, and sourcing. As a part of Deployed’s recruitment team, Mhartin helps our clients with end-to-end recruitment, and has helped different clients fulfill different hiring needs.

He is responsible for sourcing and recruitment of various positions across industry sectors such as IT, shared services, HR, banking and finance, and BPO. Mhartin enjoys implementing different strategies and techniques to attract active and passive candidates in the market, and providing the best possible talent to our clients.

Working with Deployed is like having a second family for Mhartin – the people look after each other and make sure everyone’s on the right track to achieving their full potential.

Charmaine Marie Santos

Operations Manager

In her combined 10 years experience across the BPO and FinTech industries, Cha has developed a customer experience mindset with the skills to analyse complex information, plan strategically, and deliver projects in fast-paced environments.

She is passionate about remaining flexible and agile, while keeping focused on the end goal. She enjoys exceeding expectations and has a proven work ethic in supporting all aspects of Deployed’s operations.

Ezra Macario

Business Development Team Lead

With over a decade of experience in consultancy, marketing, client relationship management, and business development, Ezra is well known for providing excellent account management and after service support. His experience spans the BPO & outsourcing industries as well as media, insurance, and real estate.

Working side by side with Angela, Ezra takes a high level of satisfaction in knowing every enquiry and request is responded to in a timely manner. Nothing pleases him more than helping his clients grow their business, and he enjoys working everyday with client’s established remote teams in Manila.

Jonard Michael Navarro

IT Administrator

Jonard spearheads the IT Operations for Deployed and is responsible for our IT infrastructure, monitoring and resolution of technical support requests, keeping track of company network activity, overseeing backup processes, and assessing system upgrades or replacements as needed.

He is a Licensed Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) with a good understanding of network switching and routings.

Jonard like to balance fun with doing something worthwhile. He enjoys the collaborative working environment at Deployed which promotes employee development and learning.

Joanne Villapando

Assistant Finance Manager

Joanne has over 20 years in finance covering accounting, taxation, and payroll. As well as managing Deployed’s financial statements and analysis, Joanne is responsible for Government reporting requirements including the BIR and BOI compliance.

Joanne enjoys being able to broaden her professional experience at Deployed, surrounded by high achieving people who are a pleasure to work with. She likes working hard in an environment where people are recognised for doing so.

Gladys Lansang

Assistant HR Manager

Gladys is an experienced HR professional skilled in talent acquisition, HR operations, benefits management, employee relations, analytics, and team management. She has supported different organisations in various industries and clients with her expertise in HR and can-do attitude.

She manages the day-to-day HR activities in relation to employee movement, performance management, labor and employee relations, benefits, and implementation of policies in the organisation.

Gladys loves being part of this growing organisation that treats employees as family, ensures a healthy and safe environment in the workplace, and develops high-performing teams to achieve its purpose and corporate objectives.

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