Making the decision to hire: Why hiring full-time employees is more cost effective and sustainable for your business success


One of the most important decisions and investments you will make as a business owner is the hiring of new staff. Some employers need more part-time staff to remain flexible for fluctuating needs, while others require a consistent and predictable full time workforce, which can be more cost effective and sustainable for business success.

What’s the Difference Between Part-Time and Full-Time?

Part-time employment requires fewer hours of work in a regular workweek. Part-timers get paid on an hourly basis, which guarantees that they get compensation that is worth the amount of work that they do. Additionally, the schedule is often very flexible; usually to the convenience of both the employer and the employee.

Full-Time Employment is when an employee works approximately 40 hours per week. They enjoy the benefit of security of tenure provided by the Philippine Constitution and just like locally, cannot be terminated for causes other than those provided by law and only after due process is given to them.


Common roles being hired as part-time


As a business owner, you may lean towards hiring a part-time employee – particularly for new roles or those with routine responsibilities. It’s a good way to “get your feet wet” and test out having these roles on board to see if they bring value to your business, thus hiring one part time is a cost effective compromise. 

However, successfully training an employee for a role takes a considerable amount of effort and mental investment both on your part and the candidate’s part. Thus having to hire part-time employees to undergo the same process of administrative onboarding and training may be disproportionate in terms of cost. It’s best to understand the current needs of your company and create decisions that would benefit you and your business’ success long-term.


How can Deployed help you?

Hiring full-time employees is tough.

Hiring full-time employees from halfway around the world? Even tougher — if you’re doing it on your own.

The good thing is you’ve got Deployed on your side. Our business model includes offering full-time, permanent positions to local talent in the Philippines, making it possible for us to source the most experienced professionals across all industries. Offshoring with Deployed creates more opportunities for you to focus on more profitable and valuable areas of your business, by freeing up time and manpower allotted for administrative tasks such as payroll, recruitment, maintaining employee records, employee wellbeing, and timekeeping.

You could be saving as much as 70% on salaries by offshoring your full-time employees with Deployed. 

It’s a well-known fact that offshoring is transforming the business world; allowing companies to become more profitable, so don’t miss out on this exciting transformation yourself! If you’re ready to take the first step with us, book a consultation with our experts today and discover what support we can provide you.