Data Entry Operator (AU)

Experience level: Junior (1-2 years)

Annual Salary (AUD) : $43,000

Data Entry Operator (Manila)

Experience level: Junior (1-2 years)

Annual Salary (AUD) : $8,100


Annual growth in outsourced headcount


Skilled and educated data entry specialists in the Philippines

Our reputation and extensive network attract the best candidates to relieve your business of important yet time-consuming tasks. Working from our modern offices, fully equipped with a reliable and fast IT infrastructure, your remote team will have all the facilities they require to excel.

As well as connecting you with your ideal candidate, we take care of all admin and HR, and our client support team are on hand whenever you need them. We even allow a six-month probation period to ensure your latest hire meets all expectations.


Outsource your data entry operations with Deployed

With a workforce that is renowned for its work ethic and attention to detail, the Philippines is a popular destination for data entry outsourcing.

Deployed can connect you with an able workforce, proficient in English, math and computer skills. As English is a main language, there will be no problems communicating with your team. Many of the major colleges and universities even offer classes specifically for the Western BPO market.

Your new team will have the skills they need to learn new processes and platforms.


Experienced and capable data entry specialists in the Philippines

Depending on your requirements, we can connect you with basic admin staff or skilled statistical analysts to meet your outsourcing needs.

Deployed candidates have a history of working for multinational companies in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. They have experience working autonomously and as part of a larger team under a Western style of management.

With a booming economy, advanced infrastructure and an abundance of educated and proficient candidates, the Philippines is the ideal location to establish your data entry team.

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