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Offshoring to the Philippines

We have access to an untapped network of skilled and capable employees. Offshoring to the Philippines is an affordable solution for your business growth.

Skilled Filipino workforce

Our reputation in the Philippines allows us to attract the best talent the Philippines has to offer. There are several world-class universities producing over half-a-million highly educated graduates each year. There are even classes specifically for the outsourcing market. The Filipino workforce is renowned for being highly motivated with a strong work ethic. Your new staff members will work tirelessly to ensure they are producing the results you require.  


Infrastructure and affordability

We operate out of modern offices in the heart of Manila’s dynamic business sector. Despite the developed and growing infrastructure, there is still an abundance of affordable real estate in the Manila business hubs. Wages in the Philippines are relative to the economy and much lower than Western countries. These cost reductions can then be passed on to New Zealand businesses looking for affordable staffing solutions without sacrificing skill or quality.

Stable economy

The Philippines has quickly become a global economic hub, recently named as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Low inflation and low-interest rates are both contributors in driving this expansion. Consumer spending is on the rise and the Philippines is much less reliant on exports compared with other Asian countries. The country’s growing population of young skilled graduates is also a big contributor to its economic expansion.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines, contact us today.