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Our Story

We understand the key to a successful business depends on your time and focus. That’s why we navigate the entire process, so you can focus on the things that matter.

Why We Started Deployed

We know first hand the benefits outsourcing can bring to Australian and New Zealand businesses. We also know there are a lot of outsourcing companies who do not provide the support and client focus that is needed to make outsourcing a success.

As a result, we created Deployed; a full-service outsourcing agency with end-to-end client management and support. Deployed offers a fully transparent process which prides itself on accountability to help you get the most out of your remote team.

The Team Behind Your Success

With combined expertise in business ownership, business development, recruitment and client management, we are strongly positioned to present Deployed as a holistic outsourcing service that delivers results.

Geoff Baldwin
+64 21 923 664

Geoff is the founder and managing director of Deployed. He is passionate about seeing businesses succeed and become leaders in the local and global market. Geoff has started, built, and grown businesses in the financial services industry and in digital communications. Geoff now focuses on helping businesses in Australia and New Zealand reach their potential through effective outsourcing solutions. “You have to always be looking for the next opportunity, and when you see it, take it.”

Geoff is on the board of the NZ Entrepreneurs Organisation, and believes evolution and positive change is the key to success.

Angela McDonald

Angela is an experienced BPO manager with a reputation for going the extra mile to ensure her clients see the growth they want. Having lived in the Philippines for over ten years, Angela has a deep understanding of the people and culture.

With a background in recruitment and client services, Angela has a proven track record of maintaining relationships over the long term and seeing the bigger picture. Angela is passionate about meeting new people and hearing their stories. “What you do today could change the way others work, think or see things tomorrow”.

Bambi Galban

Bambi has more than 14 years of solid experience in HR Management and Recruitment. Currently, Bambi is handling the Recruitment Division, she has extensive experience in all aspects of Recruitment from Sourcing, Selection, In-depth interview, Client Relationship Management, Performance Management, Offer and Salary Negotiation and On-boarding.

She has an array of experience in various industries such as information technology, digital marketing, BPO, shared services, insurance, financial services, engineering and cloud-based across all levels. She promotes best practices to ensure effective sourcing and recruiting that can be instrumental in achieving long term plans and objectives for different offshore outsourcing recruitment operations.

Cha Santos

Cha is the driving force behind the office. Along with taking care of our office and needs, she will be your first point of contact in Manila. Cha looks after every and anything you may need including transportation around the city, dinner with your team or accommodation.

Marvin Estrella

As our Recruitment Specialist, Marvin works side by side with Bambi to ensure we find you the best talent to suit your needs.