What we do

Explore how offshore hiring with Deployed adds long-term value to your business.

Rising labour costs making it difficult to expand your team

Lower company spending.

Make the most of your staffing resources with value-adding hires. By hiring offshore, you can bring experienced professionals into your team without the financial drain needed to hire domestically.


saved on salaries

Talent shortages slowing down your progress

Source the experienced talent you need.

We’ve built close connections across the Philippines to find you qualified candidates. Our specialised, on-the-ground recruitment teams will help uncover pre-screened applications, but you’ll make the final call after conducting your own interviews.


candidates available, across all industries and professions

Hitting growth milestones amidst a competitive market

Achieve faster business growth.

Increase productivity and leverage your staffing budget more effectively with hires through Deployed. Offshore hiring provides your business with increased capabilities and flexibility at the same time – allowing you to build a larger team quicker and achieve your goals faster.


of customers grow in their first year with Deployed

Quality legal support for offshoring requirements

Leverage expert legal support.

We offer guidance every step of the way to ensure a seamless transition for you and your team. You won’t need to worry about bank accounts, payment processes, or international hiring protocols. Deployed handles everything to give you total peace of mind.


years of combined experience

Finding the right fit, to work seamlessly with your onshore team

Find the right fit.

We help you create a tailor-made team based on your specific hiring needs. After discussing your team’s unique values, goals and culture, we design a recruitment campaign to find the perfect candidate. We look beyond just the resume and qualifications to ensure your new hire has the personality and attitude to succeed in your team.


degree qualified candidates

Staff retention, leading to sunk costs

Reduce your new hire risks.

We provide expert advice when it comes to bridging cultural and communication barriers. From understanding differences in management styles to discussing promotions and expectations, we ensure your team members are supported, understood and comfortable. This ensures long, successful employment relationships.


Hidden costs with Deployed

What we do

  • Undertake a full recruitment campaign to find you the right candidate for your business.
  • Manage payroll, timekeeping, and benefits for your offshore team.
  • Offer advice and support to ensure successful hiring and ongoing employment.
  • Take care of all legal, compliance and HR logistics, including setting your team members up with the proper paperwork, bank accounts, and insurance.
  • Support your offshore team members with office equipment and space.

What you do

  • Share your priorities and budget, and collaborate with us to create job descriptions.
  • Interview your top candidates before making a final hiring decision.
  • Onboard new starters with detailed introductions to your onshore team, business, tools and processes.
  • Help your new team member thrive in their role by setting clear expectations and a meeting with key stakeholders.
  • Conduct regular performance reviews, set work priorities, manage deadlines, and provide feedback.