Live Chat Service Manager (AU)

Experience level: Junior (1-2 years)

Annual Salary (AUD) : $55,000

Live Chat Service Manager (Manila)

Experience level: Junior (1-2 years)

Annual Salary (AUD) : $14,580


Local workers looking to change roles


Skilled and educated live chat specialists in the Philippines

Our reputation and extensive network allow us to find dedicated and customer-focused staff to take your customer service capacity to the next level. Working from our modern offices, fully equipped with a reliable and fast IT infrastructure, your remote team will have all the facilities they require to excel.

As well as connecting you with your ideal candidate, we take care of all the admin and HR, and our client support team are on hand whenever you need them. We even allow a six-month probation period to ensure your latest hire meets all expectations.


Outsourcing your live chat operations with Deployed

We can connect you with customer-focused and eager candidates to help run your base for your customer support systems.

The Filipino workforce is well known for their high work ethic and customer service orientated nature. With English being the main language, your new customer service team will be confident across verbal and written communications.

Establishing a dedicated Live Chat department with Deployed will provide your business with a specialised round-the-clock customer service team.


Experienced and capable live chat specialists in the Philippines

Deployed candidates have a history of working for multinational companies in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. They have experience working autonomously and as part of a larger team under a Western style of management.

With a booming economy, advanced infrastructure and an abundance of educated and proficient candidates, the Philippines is the ideal location to establish your outsourcing team.

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