4 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Business for Your Remote Staffing Team


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Well executed implementation is essential to success with remote staffing. 

Successful implementation of your outsourced team hinges on solid guidance and planning.

From forming relationships, to establishing KPI based incentives, here are a few of our suggestions for how management can set up and support a remote staffing team.

Know Your Channels of Communication 

From day one, set expectations on communication. Supported by the right technology solutions, overseas communication can be super easy. But it is vital that these systems are in place and understood before introducing remote staff to your organisation. 

Providing training to current staff members on effective use of the different forms of communication that will be used is imperative. This way, employees will communicate with their teams right from the start.

Cultivate Collaboration 

Relationships employees form with their peers at work have a huge impact on their productivity and job satisfaction. However, if managed properly, relationships between remote staff and in-house staff can be just as sturdy as those in the office!

At Deployed, we take the time to help you get to know your remote team, integrating them into your business culture, and ensuring they know the face to every name. 

Having a technology that encourages social connection is a great way of ensuring teams feel included and part of the wider business.

Set Goals and Objectives

A roadmap of goals, objectives, and KPI’s is imperative for when you onboard your staff.  This will give your team member(s) an outlook on what they should achieve, how this will create value in your business, and what learning they may need to pursue.  

Having your company values clear and aligned with your staff KPI’s and objectives will ensure that everyone is working in the same direction.

Rethink Employee Incentives 

Not all employees fit a one-size fits all incentive structure. For remote workers, it is important to consider their environment. Think about what might matter to and motivate that individual.

Beyond title and salary expectations, your remote staff team member may gain more from technology incentives, learnings experiences, or different allowances. 

At Deployed, we understand the importance of ensuring you have the right support in place and that starts with bringing the right people on board.

No matter your industry, we can locate the best talent from across the Philippines to help your business move forward. If you would like to learn more about how outsourcing with Deployed can help your organisation, get in touch today.

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