4 ways AI Is reshaping the offshoring landscape (And 4 ways it isn’t)


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Since the explosive emergence of ChatGPT in late 2022, garnering an astounding 1 million users within a mere five days, the world has witnessed the remarkable capabilities of artificial intelligence’s (AI) ability to generate text, images or other content based on the data it is trained on. This transformative breakthrough in human-machine interaction has left industries, businesses, and executives pondering the implications of AI on their roles and responsibilities, particularly within the offshoring sector.

Let’s tackle the biggest elephant in the room – Will AI ever replace offshoring?

The answer is no. While AI undoubtedly brings benefits such as automating tedious tasks, streamlining processes, and expediting data gathering, it cannot replace the importance of strategic planning, soft skills, and creative thinking. These human abilities remain essential for navigating complex challenges and driving innovation.

How AI is changing the offshoring industry and how it isn’t:

Talent acquisition

One reason companies opt for offshoring is to seek out specialised talents, such as engineers with niche programming skills and experience in international firms, that may not be easily found locally. While offshore partners provide access to a vast talent pool, the process of identifying candidates with the required skills, experience, and cultural fit can still be challenging and time-consuming, resulting in longer time-to-hire rates.


Tools & Systems

Collaboration and communication are vital for successful offshore teams, spanning from onboarding and training to day-to-day tasks. To ensure the productivity and seamless integration of your offshore team with the wider organisation, it’s crucial to provide them with the opportunity to learn internal best practices and workflows. This is where the implementation of various technological tools and systems plays a pivotal role in enabling your staff to work efficiently. With the value of time in business, the accelerated learning curve facilitated by AI becomes particularly advantageous.

Data gathering & analysis, management & security

Security and data privacy are significant concerns for businesses considering offshoring, as cyber threats are often perceived as drawbacks. However, advancements in AI offer unprecedented levels of security for offshore operations. AI continues to drive innovation by enabling automation and enhancing strategic decision-making, making it a valuable asset for offshore workforce industries to deliver enhanced services to clients across various sectors.

Workforce upskilling and addressing skill gaps

While it is true that BPO companies will adopt AI and other technological tools to meet the increasing demands of businesses, the notion that AI will completely eliminate the offshoring sector is disagreeable. Technology is not designed to replace people but rather to empower the workforce, encouraging skill development, embracing technology, and achieving higher efficiency and productivity. The human staff’s capacity for critical thinking and decision-making remains crucial. Ultimately, when it comes to problem-solving, people prefer interacting with other people rather than machines.

Does the rise of AI change the way we build teams as we know it?

No one knows how advanced AI will become, but one thing’s for sure – offshoring is and will always be about people.

Companies and offshore partners who build their businesses on a people-centred culture will thrive and harness AI’s power to maximise their capabilities. AI is here to stay, but the human touch remains invaluable in the context of offshoring and beyond.

At Deployed, we prioritise seamless integration of technology into our processes, finding a balance between human expertise and technology. With the adoption of generative AI tools, we have achieved faster turnaround times, heightened productivity, and improved support for clients and candidates. By gradually incorporating AI into our operations, we have strengthened our connection with clients and candidates, breaking geographical barriers and fostering a cohesive workforce. Our ongoing focus is on leveraging AI technologies to enhance our capabilities and consistently deliver exceptional value to our clients.

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