5 Apps to Make Outsourcing Simple


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5 Apps to Make Outsourcing Simple

One of the easiest ways to make the most of the global workplace is by using technology. As more people work remotely, the number of apps to make outsourcing simple will increase.
Using these apps when you are outsourcing streamlines the work you’re doing, keeps everyone up-to-date, and even builds team culture.
The apps which integrate best to your workplace will be unique, and whatever you use needs to suit you. Here are a few apps to make outsourcing simple which have proven useful to businesses working with remote staff.


This app harkens back to the days of IRC and MSN Chatrooms – only this one is for your company. You can use it to create different channels to update only relevant people on certain projects. You employees can create private chats and message one another, and you can use it to build your office culture by having channels dedicated to cat pictures and watercooler talk.
It also makes sharing files between staff easy, and the basic version is both still excellent, and also free.


The name is a touch off-putting, but this app allows you to create a virtual office on your computer screen. The app takes a picture of each employee at work every few minutes using their computer’s webcam. These are then all displayed on-screen to allow staff to see what’s going on at different locations, for different people.
This may feel a bit like Big Brother is watching, but it’s a good way of connecting your staff together and seeing them as faces rather than just text on a screen.

Google apps

Multiple apps like Docs, Sheets, Drive and Calendar are a great way to keep everyone on the same page – often literally. With different levels of access, some users can see your documents, while others can make edits and suggestions. The apps are easy to use, and while they’re not the most attractive, they are familiar to almost anyone who has used a computer. These apps are great for organisational tasks, and handling large amounts of data.


An interesting app with a basic premise – you ask your employees a few questions each week to monitor their progress and wellbeing. The questions can be company-wide, or you can segment staff by team, or send out individual questions. This is a good way to find out about everyone’s high points during the week, anything that needs to be addressed, and any improvements that could be made.
It’s less confronting than getting the questions in a video chat or an email, and thus more likely to get useful responses from your remote employees.


Screen-sharing software is essential if your staff works in more than one location. TeamViewer is a free app with a lot of features, which allows your employees to talk their workmates through what needs doing. The visual element is particularly important for tasks like design and development.
TeamViewer supports audio and video, and allows users to share only one part of their screen, or one particular program, so you don’t have to worry about anything in the background of your display.
It also lets users email ahead to set up screen-sharing meetings, as well as being a good tool for when something particularly difficult comes up.


Outsourcing with Deployed, we help you find the right tools to make your business run smoothly and bring your remote team closer to your local one. Harnessing the best technology to suit you, you will make your outsourcing easier, better, and more profitable for your business.

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