5 lies you’ve been told about hiring offshore talent:


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1. Offshore talent isn’t skilled

Offshore talent is not lacking in skills. Our pool of professionals covers a wide range of positions, from customer service to senior management, and holds qualifications including undergraduate and master’s degrees.

2. You can’t trust offshore hires

Your onshore and offshore staff may be geographically dispersed, but they are equally valuable members of your company. It is crucial to provide them with equitable levels of information and support, as they are all dedicated to achieving the same shared goal.

3. Offshore hires are only for big companies

Offshore hires are not exclusive to big companies. We have partnered with numerous SMEs in Australia and the UK, witnessing their remarkable growth from less than 10 employees to a team of 20-40. Hiring offshore can be a transformative solution, allowing small business owners to reduce their workload from 60-70 hours a week to a more manageable 30-40 hours.

4. Offshore hires can’t handle complex tasks

Offshore hires are fully capable of handling complex tasks when expectations are set and managed appropriately. Just like with any hire, it’s important to align their background and experience with the job requirements. It’s all about finding the ideal match for your specific needs and harnessing the capabilities of offshore talent effectively.

5. Hiring offshore is a short-term solution

Many business owners have found offshore labour to be an essential and sustainable part of their operations. It offers a cost-efficient alternative to onshore hiring and frees up time spent on recruitment processes, negotiations, and complex employment responsibilities. Once optimal methods for training, hiring, and managing offshore teams are established, the benefits become increasingly evident. 


Deployed specialises in daily placement of offshore employees for businesses in Australia, New Zealand, UK, and the US. With a vast pool of talent and rigorous selection processes, we ensure we find the perfect offshore hires to enhance your business. Our mission is to assist business owners in hiring offshore talent to foster growth and scalability over the next 5-10 years. If you’re seeking a reliable partner to manage your staff requirements, Deployed is here to support you. Connect with us today.

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