5 Outsourcing Risks – And How to Manage Them


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5 Outsourcing Risks – And How to Manage Them

Outsourcing is a great way for companies to grow, save costs, and gain expertise. But like any business practice, it does have an element of risk. Fortunately, these outsourcing risks can be mitigated. Understanding the potential for problems is the first step in preventing them.

Risk – Loss of control and visibility

Many people believe that handing over a project or process to an outsourcing provider means losing complete control and oversight. Understandably this is an unpalatable prospect for many business-owners.
Outsourcing with Deployed means you can retain control and visibility by having a dedicated remote team who works only for you. By maintaining communications with your team you ensure nothing drops out of sight for too long and be updated on progress regularly. In the end, although the team is in the Philippines, you can retain as much control as you have over a local employee working from home.

Risk – Underestimating the work involved to implement outsourcing

One of the great benefits of outsourcing is that it frees up time and reduces workload. However, any outsourcing venture involves change, and any change will involve work.
Working with Deployed, we will take as much of this work off your plate and help you streamline change. You can be sure of getting skilled offshore staff to ease the transition and ongoing support from Deployed. But there will still be some work involved.
Talking with your Deployed consultant to understand how much work you will need to do, then critically analysing whether you can put in this work will stop your outsourcing falling at the first hurdle.

Risk – Lower quality product or poorer outcomes

When carrying out a project or managing a process, you want the outcome to be as successful as possible. Handing it over to someone offshore can feel very risky indeed, as you need your standards maintained.
By working with one outsourcing company and developing an ongoing relationship with your remote staff this risk can be completely ameliorated. You won’t have lots of people working piecemeal on your project, rather there will be one dedicated employee or team who takes ownership from start to finish. By setting standards and KPIs which need to be met you can measure quality and intervene if you feel it is slipping.
And building a relationship with your offshore staff means that you know the kind of work your staff member can do, and they know what kind of standards you expect to be met.

Risk – Outsourcing alienates customers or clients

As we’ve said before, outsourcing can be a polarising topic which people may feel very strongly about. So customers or clients, when finding out that your business has started using offshore staff, may have opinions about it.
The cleanest way to manage this risk is letting discretion be the better part of valour. If the subject of outsourcing or staff location comes up naturally, then you may wish to discuss it. Otherwise, let your remote teams’ high-quality work speak for itself.

Risk – Instability in your outsourcing relationships

Working with an outsourcing provider is a significant business relationship. The last thing you want is someone who disappears at the earliest opportunity and isn’t there when you need them.
Deployed takes care of all this risk. We work as your business partner, supporting you and your company for as long as you need, with whatever you need. We pride ourselves on our service and taking care of the people we work with. You will never find yourself stranded, and your remote team will always be well looked after.


Deployed helps you manage all your outsourcing risks, no matter your size or project. We work to address any concerns you might have, ensuring you are always confident that you are getting the best solution for your company’s outsourcing needs.

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