6 Tips for Hiring the Right Graphic Designer


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One of the most popular sectors for outsourcing is graphic design. A key role in many companies, a good designer has the ability to transform your company’s product, message and mantra in a visual language that speaks to your audience.

But how do you hire the right one for your business? We are our tips for finding the perfect fit:

1. Know what niche skills you need

Do you require illustrations? A typography specialist? Graphic design isn’t a one size fits all industry, with a variation of skill sets across the board. Having an understanding of the exact skills you’ll need help you set objectives and also narrow the field significantly when considering applicants. 

2. Ask the Right Questions

The typical Q&A won’t give you the answers you need from a graphic designer. To get a real idea of their sensibilities and how they handle challenges, you’ll need to think outside the box. Ask them to critique a competitor’s design and ask how they’d do it different. Insightful questions like this will give you what you need.

3. Look at Their Portfolios

In this day and age, no creative is getting by without a portfolio to back them up. This applies especially to graphic designers, who should have a website or profile with their best work. They should be able to talk you through the work. Smart ones will adapt theirs and make them relevant to the job they are applying for.

4.But Don’t Rely on Portfolios Alone!

With this said, you shouldn’t rely on the portfolio alone, especially if you are looking for ongoing collaborative work. The goal is to get to the ‘why’ behind their designs, asking them about the challenges they faced with said designs and how they overcame them.  

5. Look for Relevant Industry Experiences

A key advantage of any graphic designer is having an already established understanding of the competitive landscape. See whether they have similar experiences with other clients in your industry and ask them of the knowledge they have around subjects. A hire like this could see them hit the ground running.

6. Find a Team Player

A graphic designer works with many roles across many businesses, needless to say, you’re looking for more than skillset. Their workflow process and ability to work with others has everything to do with them being successful in their role. 

At Deployed, we help our clients find the very best in graphic design talent from across the Philippines. We put the right people in front of your business to ensure you hire someone that feels like a natural extension of your business, with all final decisions made by you. 

To hear more and see how Deployed could help you today, contact us.

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