Are You Sick of Being Weighed Down by Admin Tasks?


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Admin tasks are a way of business. And while these tasks aren’t priority, they are vital to how your organisation functions everyday. The smaller pieces of work that feed into the bigger picture. 

It can be easy to overlook these tasks, but one-by-one, they creep back up on you. Annoying, we know.

But what if there was a way to put a stop to these niggly tasks once and for all? Saving you and your key members of staff time? Helping everyone in your business focus on the high-value tasks, instead of being caught up in the minimal jobs that are often detrimental to how your business functions. 

Thousands of companies across the globe are turning to offshore staffing. Why? Put simply – it works. Below, we list our top reasons to outsource basic admin tasks:

Savings on cost

When your employees are being weighed down with admin tasks, they aren’t adding immediate value to your business. This directly affects your bottom line. 

Deployed are based in the Philippines where administrative assistant salaries are lower than their New Zealand or Australian equals.

Greater output 

Outsourcing your admin specialist means you have a staff member solely dedicated to admin. This specialist will be more focused, and have more skills to deal with this type of work. 

On the flip side, your in house staff will have more time to focus on what they were hired to do, meaning greater productivity across both roles.

Fewer errors

Admin tasks in house can be viewed as boring and repetitive, and can often be rushed on top of your staff member’s usual workload. 

Your outsourced staff member will have a set process with rigorous quality assurance, ensuring efficiency and accuracy, resulting in less room for error.

Happier staff!

When deciding to outsource, it’s important you talk to your staff to understand the tasks they need off their plate. You should be looking for tasks that are high volume, low value.

Reallocating these jobs to an admin specialist means your staff can now focus on the high-value, engaging work they come to work for. This leaves you with people satisfied in their job, who are now willing to work harder.

Sound like something that could be implemented into your organisation? Get in touch with Deployed today to see how we can take your business to the next level.

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