Are You Taking the Appropriate Measures to Protect Your Business from a Cyberattack?


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With the increase in the cyber attacks over the past few years, businesses can no longer afford to be blase about protecting one of their most valuable assets, their data. Businesses across Australia and New Zealand are becoming increasingly prone to attacks, with a recent study showing 24% of New Zealand SMEs have experienced some form of cyber attack.

Throughout Australia and New Zealand, companies are starting to recognise the importance of put systems and procedures in place to safeguard both themselves and their clients.

While you may not be able to completely stop a cyber attack from happening, there are steps you can take to mitigate the impact one could have on your business.  

Be prepared

Preparation is key in everything we do in business, and with the increased threat of attacks, if you aren’t prepared, you are vulnerable. In many workplaces it is common to practice what to do in the event of fire or earthquakes, so why wouldn’t you do the same for a cyber attack.

As these attacks could happen at any time, it is important you regularly review your security systems and your procedures. This will help to keep all your staff prepared and let you see where improvements need to be made.

There are a number of programs available which are able to simulate a cyber attack. These are great tools that can be used to provide your employees with experience in dealing with an attack.

Implementing the latest security software and having a clear plan that outlines what needs to happen is critical. While it is important your IT department has the capacity and know how to deal with these situations it is important all your employees, regardless of department, are aware of the appropriate course of action in the event of an attack.

Do you have a budget?

As these issues are becoming increasingly common, it is wise to build yourself a financial safety net to cover any financial costs or damages that may result from an attack.

Having the financial resources available will allow you to act quickly and efficiently. If something did happen, you may need to hire external help, rebuild your security system, or buy back lost data. So, having the funds available to act accordingly could make a world of difference.

Stay up-to-date

With the ever-changing digital landscape and with new types of attacks happening regularly, it pays to be aware of the latest news and research around data security. While hackers are constantly evolving and changing their strategies, staying aware of risks or what has happened will give you a good insight into where you may need to improve.

Quality technology

With the wide array of security programs on the market, there is no shortage of options for your business. To ensure you are getting the most out of your current security software and procedures, the following need to be actively monitored.

Firstly, make sure that your system is fully integrated with all other business systems or programs. Whether this is your CRM, cloud storage or accounting programs, anything that has sensitive information needs to be protected.

Secondly, always aim to keep your systems fully functional, this includes purchasing full-scale systems and keeping them up to date with their latest revisions. Regularly updating these systems will ensure any vulnerabilities or holes within your systems are managed or closed.

Outsource your security needs

With many businesses now starting to take their cybersecurity seriously, there are a number of option available for managing the risks. By far one of the best options is to outsource your IT and data security departments.

Outsourcing your security will ensure your business has a dedicated security team whose main objective is to ensure the safety of your business’ data. At Deployed, we have the resources and facilities needed to build and house a full-scale remote security team for your business. Not only will your team have the ability to protect your business in the present, we are able to grow your team accordingly as your business grows.  

While many businesses understand the need for these departments and systems, most simply do not have the time or expertise to implement them. Ultimately, leaving them open to attack. However, we are able to source and recruit the individuals you need that will provide your business with an excellent security team.

If you would like to discuss Deployed can help improve your IT security, contact us today.

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