Building a Remote Team


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Building a Remote Team

When offshoring for the first time, many companies test the waters by only hiring one remote employee. However, as your business grows, bringing on more staff and building a remote team is a great way of maximising the benefits of outsourcing.

Make the most of the office space

One offshore employee on their own in Manila can feel a little bit less like part of your company than the group in your main office. When you build a remote team, that isolation is greatly reduced and relationships are formed. Having other people working physically alongside them can encourage your employees to see themselves as working toward a common goal. This makes their part of the Manila office feel more like a satellite office for your company.

Build team culture as well as company culture

As you grow your remote team, there are greater opportunities to grow your company culture. If there is a culture of learning and knowledge sharing, remote team members can teach each other. If your company culture is fairly relaxed, you can arrange or provide time to interact outside of the office.
It’s also important to let your remote team build its own culture. This means forging relationships with one another, both working relationships and friendships. By using your company culture as a platform and building team culture on top of it, the feeling of being an equal part of your business is emphasised.

Use your employees to help you communicate

When you recruit for new team members, keep your remote employees in the loop. They may have some valuable insight, and of course they will be working with the new hire. Your current offshore staff can also talk directly with potential hires about how you work, communicate, and about your company culture – then share feedback.
Once your team is working together, lines of communication become stronger. Misunderstandings can be discussed between team-members to clarify, and your employees may find it easier to bounce ideas off one another when they are in the same room and talking directly.


Deployed can help you with building a remote team. Whether you start with one person and build over time, or hire multiple employees at once. We’ll make sure your employees have everything they need and manage HR and employee welfare so you and your staff can focus on getting the best results.

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