Developing Your Employees: Our Top Tips


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If your business is to reach its goals and targets, you need to build a core group of employees who you can trust, who understand the business and are capable of leading from the front. But to build that core group requires a commitment to developing those individuals.

We believe in developing our team and helping you develop your local and remote teams. So, here are our top tips for developing your employees.

Be the example

Your staff will constantly be looking to you for cues on how they should act and carry themselves at work. Thus, in order to positively mould your staff, you need to demonstrate positive working habits. Constantly practice what you preach by staying on top of your workload, staying on top of industry trends and always evolving.

Build a trusting relationship

Build a strong relationship with your team, one that is built on trust and mutual respect. If you are wanting to push your staff further, in the name of development, they will want to know you have their best intentions at heart. If your relationship is built on trust, chances are they will be welcoming to the opportunities you present.

Restructure weekly meetings

Your weekly team meetings are the perfect opportunity to develop your staff. Make the most of these meetings by encouraging open discussion within the group. Encourage people to ask questions, seek and provide feedback, ask for clarification and clear up briefs.

These are the perfect opportunities to provide team-wide development and learnings. While this may not be focused solely on one person, it is a great way to develop your team as a whole.

Ask questions, seek answers

Get your employees thinking by asking open-ended questions that require them to think outside the box and formulate their own response. Asking questions is a form of self-directed learning and development, which is often the best tool for developing your staff, as it forces them to think for themselves.

Know your staff

Everyone develops differently. Hence you need to, firstly, take the time to build those relationships with people, and secondly, understand what everyone requires and how to get the best out of them.

For some of your staff, they will want a slow and steady development plan, that includes small milestones and small steps. However, for others, the only way they learn is to be thrown in the deep end.

Always use constructive feedback

In our professional lives, we all have moments of failure or disappointing results. However, it is important we do not dwell on these or let them define our professional future. Instead, we need to learn and evolve from them.

When you are in a management position, you are often in the best position to help your staff bounce back from these hard times. Instead of focusing on the negatives, provide constructive feedback that your staff can actually use to grow.

Don’t be afraid to invest in their success

As a business sometimes you need to invest in your staff. Which may mean providing and fund learning opportunities outside of your environment.

These investments can come in a range of forms, from conferences and seminars to university courses or introducing them to valuable contacts. Investing in your staff will not only help your business in the long run but it will also demonstrate your commitment to the individual and, hopefully, increase their commitment to the business.  


Developing your staff is important for all business’, whether you have a close-knit team or are a large multi-national organisation. It should not be seen as a burden or something that can be done once or twice a year. Instead, it should be something that is built into your day-to-day structures.

This is particularly important for businesses that have a remote team as part of the operations. We strongly believe that a remote team is a fantastic tool for any business. But what makes it a real revenue-generating tool, is when you actively work to develop your staff and their capabilities.


At Deployed, we are committed to helping businesses grow and develop the best remote team possible. That is why we do everything we can to helping develop your team. Whether that is managing all the HR and onboarding processes or facilitating training courses and learning opportunities.

If you would like to discuss who Deployed can help your business, get in touch now.

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