Digital Marketing Roles You Can Outsource


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Digital Marketing is a booming industry. Fast-paced, dynamic and hugely diverse, there are a vast number of roles needed to keep everything running as it should be. 

Outsourcing digital marketing expertise is often a much more cost-effective option for businesses looking to fill these roles, allowing companies to maximise talent where they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to hire a comparably-experienced professional in-house.

Below, we share some of the most commonly outsourced digital marketing roles and their responsibilities.

SEO Specialists

The primary role of an SEO specialist is to rank a website page on the search engine result page and to increase the website’s traffic. They conduct on-site and off-site analysis across various industries, handle keyword research, and are also across Google Analytics and Google’s Algorithm. 

Front End Developers

Bridging the gap between the creation of design elements and their technical implementation. Front End Developers have several responsibilities including: developing user facing features on a website, building code, checking websites are optimised for speed of use and ensuring UI/UX designs can be implemented successfully.

Analytics Managers

Responsible for the implementation of tools and strategies to translate raw data into valuable business insights. An Analytics Manager is someone you should be looking to to select, configure and implement analytical solutions. 

Social Media Managers

A Social Media Manager is responsible for combining marketing and social media management to enhance your company’s social media presence and interaction with target audiences. They create content ideas, are on top of budget planning and look to achieve audience engagement, website traffic and increased revenue through social media activity.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! To understand what kind of roles Deployed could help you fill, get in touch today.

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