Don’t Become Another Face in the Crowd


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It is no secret, competition for market dominance has never been more intense. No matter what industry you look at, you will generally find multiple companies claiming they are ‘number one’. With all this noise, it is important that your business is able to establish their own identity.

Below are several strategies you can implement into your business activities that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Make yourself heard

In today’s marketplace, successful businesses are often the loudest ones in the room. Many forward-thinking and progressive companies are well aware of the benefits of flooding their market with free, value-adding content. Are you?

Releasing high-quality content that is readily available to your customers will do wonders for your business on two fronts. Firstly, it is one of the best ways to build a strong and meaningful relationship with your customers. Nowadays customers do not want a faceless corporation. They want to engage the services and products of brands they relate to and believe in.

Secondly, as consumers increasingly use the internet to find businesses and investigate their offerings, quality content will increase the likelihood they’ll find you. Releasing regular blogs, being active on social media or having positive reviews, will do wonders for SEO rankings.

Word of caution, make sure you concentrate on quality over quantity. Customers will look straight past fake promotional material that is constantly filling up their news feeds.

Become known for your customer service

A strong and loyal customer base is one of your businesses most valuable asset. Therefore, it is essential that you treat your customers like they are royalty.

It is no secret, every customer expects to receive great customer service. So, no matter what industry you are in, make sure you have a customer-centric mindset.  

Own up to your mistakes

One aspect of having great customer service is the ability to own up to any mistake and take immediate steps to rectify them.

Customers largely form their perception of a brand based on the experiences they have had. As a result, if they experience one or two bad encounters, they could completely discount your brand. In a world that is governed by social media, bad news or reputation can spread like wildfire and be disastrous for your brand.  

The solution to this is to instantly acknowledge your mistakes and put steps in place to make sure they never happen again. You may still incur a public backlash in the short term, but that is better than leaving it unattended and having your brand ruined.

Be innovative

One of the fastest ways to get lost amongst the crowd is to rest on your laurels. Industry leaders are constantly reinventing themselves.

Innovation could come in the form of improving how you interact with your customers, revamping your digital platforms or tapping into the many benefits of outsourcing.  

In order for innovation to be successful, your processes should always have one eye towards satisfying your current customers and the other towards moving your company forward. Outsourcing is a great way of achieving this. With the help of outsourcing, your business will be able to stay one step ahead of their competition.  

Make it worth their while  

What is your business point of difference? Ultimately, consumers love it when businesses provide guarantees or throw in a sweetener if they purchase your product or service.

Are you able to guarantee next day delivery? What about a five-year warranty? Or a no win, no fee policy? If you are confident enough in your offering, do it! Assurances like this will signal that you are confident in your abilities and that you care about quality.

Just don’t try to back out if you have to live up to your promises.

Standing out from your nearest rivals is no easy feat! It will take just as much work as it did to build your business.


In competitive environments, it is vital you stay one step ahead of your nearest rivals. Outsourcing is a tool that can allow you to do this. Businesses of all sizes and across all industries are starting to become aware of the benefits that come with outsourcing to the Philippines.

It is not only a very cost-effective way of expanding your team, but it is also a great way of accessing highly skilled and experienced industry professionals.

We are able to build you a remote team, that can satisfy any need you may require. If you are interested in finding out how Deployed can help you, contact us today!

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