Don’t compromise your business standards


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Don’t compromise your business standards.


Looking for staff members offshore doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your business standards.

At Deployed, we build dedicated remote teams for local businesses. Our emphasis is on quality and we are experts in finding experienced team members who can deliver what your business needs.

We chose Manila in the Philippines as our base for business because of the calibre of candidates on offer. With Deployed, you can be assured of a high standard of work from your remote team because:

They are fluent in English
In the Philippines, English is the primary language for business and education so language barriers are minimal.

They are degree-qualified
Around 450,000 English-speaking Filipinos graduate with an internationally-recognised degree every year. This means your remote team members are highly skilled in their chosen fields.

They understand Western culture
As the Philippines is a former colony of the US and Spain and has a largely younger population, Western culture is attractive and commonplace. Your remote staff will be familiar with this culture, making it easy for them to slot right into your business.

They’re experienced in working for offshore employers
BPO, or outsourcing, is the third biggest industry in the Philippines, meaning many Filipinos have previously worked for an international employer and know how to be an effective remote team member.

At Deployed, our success is based on your success, so we focus on understanding your business needs and delivering quality outcomes that match your expectations.

“With Deployed, we’ve found great talent who are able to maintain our international quality standards”, says Bruce Howe, Managing Director of Putti.

To find out more about how we prioritise quality in your remote team, CONTACT US today.



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