Four Deadly Sins of Social Recruiting


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Social media allows recruiters to attract and convert potential candidates with marketing techniques, and like any marketing approach, it should start with a good strategy.

There is no perfect guidebook to social recruiting and its approach will be dependent on the industry, but there are four big social sins you should be avoiding:

Lazy social upkeep (sloth)

Social media allows you to target the exact demographic you want to attract to the role. Lazy advertising is just as effective as putting up a poster for a vegan fair in the local butchers and hoping for a good turnout. If you do not specify your audience, you are trying to tap into a market that a) is inappropriate or b) doesn’t care.

Your social media page is effectively your landing page where candidates can come and check out the company and culture and then be converted into applying. To effectively attract the right candidates and convert them, your platforms must be compelling in design and content, and a true representation of the company.

You should be actively seeking the best candidates even when there are no current vacancies available. The best candidates are often working elsewhere, but you can still position your company in a desirable manner by posting engaging content.

As with any form of marketing, analytics must be monitored and variables tweaked to effectively test the most effective strategy. This will help to control your spend and optimise your approach.

Don’t be a frequent spammer (greed)

If a candidate is a member of all your social media platforms, they will not appreciate two job posts a day from 5 different channels. Strategically choose the most effective platform for your demographic and concentrate on building interesting content that sells your organisation. A position with your company should be valued as a great opportunity; constant job advertisements will seem desperate.

It looks great, but it’s not the truth (vanity)

Social media is an opportunity to showcase your social media and expose recruiters as humans. When there is an insight to the company, brand, directors and its staff, candidates are given the opportunity to decide whether they will be a good fit for the company before the first stage of interviews. Companies that have a strong and accurate representation of their culture will attract those whose ideas and values are aligned.

A fantastic offering and unbeatable company culture that does not deliver will be extremely harmful to your brand. Like never before, candidates are in control of where they work and the opportunities that are available to them. A misrepresentation of an organisation will leave employees dissatisfied and turnover high. Yes, your social must be appealing and sell, but only if it can deliver.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (pride)

In a digital driven market, organisations that rely on antiquated methods of marketing and attracting talent will be limited to local resources and a local talent pool.

Companies that take advantage of digital innovation and actively engage in social media will be favoured over companies who refuse to step out of the dark ages.

Building a strong brand across your social media should be part of every marketing plan, but the time involved is often the reason for it to be placed on the backburner.

Deployed offers offshore solutions for businesses strapped by the time or finances of building a social media team inhouse. So, whether you need a social media expert to keep your company page compelling or a copy writer to write engaging job advertisements, Deployed can help at half the cost of doing it locally.

The recruiters at Deployed use social media to attract the very best talent in the Philippines. We then give businesses all over the world the opportunity to access this talent pool by outsourcing their business processes.

If you would like to find out more about outsourcing to the Philippines and the advantages of growing an offshore social media team, contact a Deployed adviser today.


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