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Outsourcing was previously considered a strategy reserved for larger businesses but access to skilled and affordable offshore staff has made a big impact on the growth and popularity of smaller firms.

Small business startups are faced with many challenges; too many processes, lack of skill available and restricted resources being the most common. Outsourcing with Deployed offers you an affordable solution to these problems. Building a remote team can offer continuity and expertise without consuming valuable time and footing an expensive annual salary. Our staff are highly skilled and proficient.

Deployed boasts a team of highly skilled and eager professionals ready to take on any tasks to help in your startup. We have trained accountants to oversee all invoicing, bookkeeping and payroll and highly skilled graphic designers and web developers to allow your business to contend with the larger competition.

Deployed has large, air-conditioned offices in Manila, fully equipped with modern technologies to produce the best results. We take care of the unnecessary overheads so you can focus on running your business. Deployed offers ongoing support to the employer and employee. We focus on building relationships to achieve the best results for both parties.

A problem faced by many startups is wanting control over everything. A successful business owner will tell you that you can’t wear all the hats and some things are better left to the experts. When you outsource with Deployed, you are in control. From the hiring process and throughout the employment you are in close communication with your staff and track their progress every step of the way. You have the control, they have the skills your business needs to help it grow, and we have the resources to allow it to happen.

Contact a Deployed officer today to make the next positive step towards your business growth.

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