Having an efficient hiring process: Overcoming delays, essential tips, and the value of a reliable offshore partner


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In industries like IT, construction, and engineering, finding candidates with the right skills and expertise is both challenging and time-sensitive. Companies invest significant time and resources into talent acquisition and employer branding to attract top talent, but all these efforts can be hindered by delays in the hiring process.

Consequences of recruitment delays: 

  • Missed opportunities –  In today’s competitive job market, exceptional candidates are quickly snapped up by proactive companies. A delayed hiring process can cause you to lose out on top talent as they accept offers from other organisations. It’s crucial to make candidates feel valued and engaged, especially when headhunting, as they expect to be convinced by your business to make a career move.
  • Reputation damage – A poor candidate experience can have long-term consequences for your company’s reputation in the market and employer brand. Negative word-of-mouth about a bad hiring experience can make it challenging to attract top talent in the future. Independent review platforms like Glassdoor provide candidates with a platform to share feedback specifically about your team’s interview processes, potentially deterring future applicants.
  • Financial burden – Prolonged recruitment processes put pressure on your teams, especially when filling a vacant role This places a heavier burden on existing staff, leading to dissatisfaction and potential delays in project delivery. It may also result in increased outsourcing costs to maintain productivity while sourcing suitable candidates. If a candidate rejects an offer due to a delayed interview process or poor communication, it further extends the time and financial strain of filling the position.

The 3 most important tips for recruiting offshore efficiently

  • Clear and open communication – Effective offshore recruiting begins with clear and open communication. Ensure you communicate your requirements, expectations, and specific details about the role and company culture with our recruitment team. This includes providing defined job requirements and establishing efficient communication channels to keep your provider informed and aligned with any changes or developments in your business.
  • Active involvement in the decision-making process –  Your firsthand knowledge of your company’s values, goals, and work environment is invaluable in finding the right candidates. Take an active role in the decision-making process by collaborating with us as your offshore partner. Review endorsed candidates, conduct interviews promptly and enthusiastically, and provide timely feedback on shortlisted candidates. Your involvement ensures that the final hiring decision aligns with your vision and objectives.
  • Provide timely and constructive feedback – After interviews or candidate evaluations, promptly share your feedback with your dedicated recruitment specialist. Be specific about what you liked and areas where improvements are needed. This feedback loop allows us to better understand your preferences, make necessary adjustments, and enhance the quality of candidates presented to you.

Partnering with Deployed

Communication and compatibility are crucial factors in hiring offshore efficiently. As your trusted business partner, we actively involve you in the decision-making process, ensuring the selection of candidates  align with your culture and business objectives.

  • Informative starter sessions: We conduct detailed sessions to gather essential information and understand your specific requirements, enabling us to source the right candidates for your business.
  • Tailored recruitment campaign: We activate a customised campaign exclusively for your business, leveraging our extensive network, community involvement, and targeted headhunting strategies to engage both active and passive candidates.
  • Proactive approach: Our team actively seeks out high-quality candidates through networking initiatives, community engagement, and strategic headhunting efforts. This ensures that we identify the best talent available in the market.
  • Timely updates: We keep you informed throughout the process with clear and well-written candidate endorsements, providing you with the necessary information to make informed decisions.
  • Seamless facilitation: From interviews to signing negotiations, onboarding, and retention, we handle every step of the process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for you.

We uphold core values that guide our offshore recruitment practices, ensuring ethical, legal, and transparent operations. Our proven track record and growing community of Deployees serve as a testament to our capability as an offshore provider, instilling confidence that you and your future teams are in good hands. Our consultative approach goes beyond quantity and affordability; we prioritise quality and expertise. We actively search the market and talent map relevant industries to ensure the availability of the required skills. We offer support and expert guidance in navigating the complexities of the industry, providing insights, opportunities, and potential challenges for your business.

Partnering with Deployed means benefiting from our commitment to effective communication, compatibility, and industry expertise, ensuring a successful offshore hiring experience.

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