How finding the right outsourcing partner helped TEAM achieve consistent growth.


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“For any business considering outsourcing, my advice is to find the right partner. One that is responsive, will go the extra mile for you and understands the Australian working culture as much as the Philippines. We found this in Deployed.” – Ben Johnson




TEAM Marketing Agency 

TEAM is a marketing agency who provide expert services for the Mining Equipment Technology and Services (METS) sector. When METS businesses need to accelerate their growth but aren’t ready to take on board their own senior marketers, TEAM is there to help them achieve growth and improve their profitability.

To support current clients as they grow, and bring on new clients, TEAM needs to be able to find great candidates – quickly. 


The path to Deployed

Ben Johnson, Managing Director and founder of TEAM, has a background in marketing for the METS industry and had experienced the challenge of trying to recruit marketers in WA. From the get-go, TEAM’s plan was to offshore talent acquisition in order to access great talent in a timely manner – a strategy that Ben locked in after a focused trip to the Philippines to meet with a range of outsourcing and BPO providers.

TEAM started recruiting in the Philippines a few months before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, however their contracted outsourcing provider was struggling to find the talent Ben needed. When Deployed contacted Ben by chance, they understood his commitment but also knew they had great candidates who were a good fit for TEAM, and who were available straight away.

Proactively checking in on progress and openly sharing potential candidate profiles with Ben, gave him confidence that Deployed could deliver the staff members he’d been waiting too long for. “We were certain that outsourcing provided us with the only viable route to scaling our business and meeting the demand in the market we cater to. Finding the right outsourcing partner was therefore crucial. Thankfully we found that in Deployed” says Ben. After a quick change of direction, Deployed were officially signed on to support TEAM’s outsourcing needs. “Working with Angela, we felt comfortable we’d found an outsourcing partner that was highly responsive, demonstrated urgency, and understood our requirements” says Ben. 


Building the team

“We initially had concerns around the quality of staff, communication lines, responsiveness and culture – all of the usual concerns” says Ben. He gave Deployed a very clear, very specific description of both the position requirements and personality attributes he was seeking. This helped Deployed perform a highly targeted search, meaning they were able to place that first team member within a few weeks.

To ensure great candidates weren’t snapped up elsewhere, Ben focused on being very responsive to candidate profiles as Deployed shared them. With both parties acting quickly, communicating directly, and focusing on solving problems as they arose, everything was resolved quickly as a team.

Ben’s approach to recruitment remained consistent, with clear expectations of his new team members. Over the last sixteen months Deployed have brought on a total of seventeen dedicated staff for TEAM, with three further roles in the recruitment stage.


The results

The mining industry is on fire and TEAM have been able to capitalise on this by being responsive and available to businesses needing marketing support. Being able to find high quality talent, quickly, has enabled TEAM to achieve consistent growth. 

Ben says, “outsourcing is central to our business model – we’re able to provide high quality marketing specialists at a time when skill-shortages in the local Australian market have made it a real challenge”.

As the growth continues for TEAM, Ben speaks to Deployed a few times a week about the talent pool, salary ranges, timelines to recruit… ensuring Ben can always set realistic expectations with his clients when it comes to availability and deliverables.

TEAM has built a reputation as an attractive employer, and TEAM’s remote staff based in the Deployed office are all highly motivated and loyal. “You need the right systems and processes in place, and a willingness/capability to maintain ongoing contact with your staff – encouraging them to excel and adapt”, suggests Ben. 


Working relationship

Like all good, healthy, business relationships, the one between TEAM and Deployed is beneficial for both parties and the employees too. The relationship works well, and is made much easier by having shared values including being straight forward and solutions focused.

It was clear TEAM needed a fast moving partner, and Deployed met this challenge through regular communications which meant TEAM and Deployed were always on the same page with where things were at, what the options were and who needed to do what. There was no waiting for ‘all the answers’, rather the emphasis has been on regular updates that allow TEAM and Deployed to pivot when needed and keep moving at pace.

“TEAM and Deployed have worked together very well. There’ve been a few speed-bumps along the way, mostly due to complications with COVID-19. However all issues have been addressed and worked through, and we continue to fine-tune the process as both companies develop”, says Ben. 


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