Highly skilled IT roles are commonly outsourced


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They say a tradesman is only as good as his tools. The analogy applies to workers in any industry – having the right tools helps our businesses achieve better outcomes through increased accuracy and efficiency. The most common tool in today’s workplace is technology… however IT isn’t the core function of most businesses. More often, IT is an essential support function, which makes it ideal for outsourcing.

Over the last ten years we’ve seen a significant shift in IT outsourcing away from just helpdesk and operations roles to include highly skilled roles in IT, especially software and app developers, and engineers. 

Today, commonly outsourced IT roles include:

  • Technical/helpdesk support
  • Database admin
  • Network engineers
  • Developers – front end, back end, full stack, IOS, and Android 
  • Software development
  • Website/WordPress developers

Outsourcing your IT doesn’t mean losing control or compromising on quality. With Deployed, it simply means those members of your team are based in the Philippines – which can save you time and money as your local team focuses on what really matters. 

By comparison, an intermediate level Software Developer’s salary would average AUD$100k in NSW, versus AUD$22.3k in the Philippines. That’s equivalent experience and education, the only difference is where the person lives. 

The high calibre of IT candidates in Manila is making recruitment very straightforward for our clients – candidates are highly experienced and speak great English, so our clients are able to be selective and balance experience with salary and cultural fit. 

The abundant supply of skilled IT candidates is set to continue, with local authorities predicting the number of IT graduates will exceed local demand within a few years. So, now really is the ideal time to consider outsourcing your IT, especially if you are struggling to find experienced IT professionals in your own country.

Outsourcing your IT with Deployed will reduce your costs and give you peace of mind in knowing the work is to a high standard. If you need reliable, up-to-date technology for the team but find it’s distracting you from your core business, it might be time to consider new methods of keeping your business running and focused on the way forward. 


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