How Do You Choose an Outsourcing Company in the Philippines?


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Companies are choosing to outsource to leverage the benefits of a low-cost workforce without sacrificing skill or talent, but dated ideas of outsourcing may still have a negative perception of the outsourcing industry. There are many reputable outsourcing companies in the Philippines that can help your business, but you must choose the right provider. Before you sign up for the benefits of a virtual assistant or remote team, do your research.

Word of mouth

At your next networking event, ask around to see if other businesses have effectively used outsourcing. You will be surprised at how many are taking advantage of a remote team to help their local business survive and grow in the competitive market. Contact outsourcing providers and ask them if they have had experience in dealing with businesses in your local area.

Check their website

Any good company will have invested in a website – it is a business’s opportunity to sell their product or service. Check that the website is professional and clearly displays both their local and overseas address. The testimonial page gives you a chance to review what people have said about them and the type of business functions they carry out.

Regular social updates

A reputable outsourcing company will want to provide engaging content to their viewers. Social media platforms should be updated regularly with blogs and interesting content. This shows that they are engaged with their audience and are currently in the modern markets.

They have great customer support

You are outsourcing to a different country therefore, you need to ensure that you have the best support available to you. Your outsourcing provider should make the process as seamless as possible, providing support should you need it, but also allowing you to take control of your team. Enquire what the procedures are for hiring, ongoing support and HR functions.

They communicate

If you inquire about a service and you do not receive a speedy or helpful response, it is likely to be a bleak reflection of their business operations. Look for websites with immediate response chatbots and note the time of response and quality of information when emailing.

They have a modern office that caters to your needs

Request to see images of the office space. A reputable outsourcing provider will not have antiquated ‘bums on seats’ approach to staffing. The office space should equal the quality to your local office with all the necessary technologies to allow staff to perform.

They are realistic

Outsourcing is not the answer to every business problem. A reputable provider will tell you that you need to invest the time and effort to make it work – as you would a local employee.  Your Deployed outsourcing provider will work with you to understand your needs and expectations, offering viable and realistic solutions

Outsourcing to the Philippines is not a quick fix; it is a long-term investment to streamline your business functions. As with every service, you get what you pay for so thoroughly do your research and choose an outsourcing provider based on reputation and not just the price.

Deployed operates a successful outsourcing service in the Philippines and have helped many businesses grow their team at a lower cost than they would have been able to do locally. This allows smaller businesses to expand and compete in their local market.

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