Get the Message Across: How to Communicate with Your Remote Team


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How easy is it to communicate with a remote team? The answer isn’t complicated. It’s simply a case of having the right procedures in place. 

Because strong communication is crucial to effective management of an outsourced workforce. At Deployed, the relationship between an organisation and their new team is something we nurture from day one.

Below, we share some of our top tips for communicating effectively:

Set the standards early

It’s important to establish your roadmap to outsourcing communication success early on. As a business leader, you need to lead by example as a communicator. Decide how you want this relationship to work and in which manner you want your teams to relate to one another – both in tone and in means of communication. 

Use reliable digital tools

Chat, email, share screens and slides, group video conferences, and project management software. The tools are out there. You just need to make sure you are using the right ones to get the best out of your business. Technology has made communication second-nature, so be sure to utilise it to its full capabilities. 

Be specific

Don’t waste time with beating around the bush. Giving clear and concise instructions with deadlines is how to get the best out of your remote team. Let them know the exact kind of output you expect from the beginning of the project, so no wires get crossed and everyone can plan effectively.

Bullet points over mass-text

That need for consistency and clarity also feeds into the written word. Huge blocks of text in emails aren’t helping anyone. The key is getting your main points across in a way that is digestible and to the point – meaning bullet points and colour codes will go down far better than paragraph after paragraph.

Feedback, both positive and constructive 

All teams need to feel valued. It’s how we develop. With that said, feedback in both positive and constructive forms is critical to how you help your remote team grow. Holding monthly or quarterly 1:1 meetings with your team members is a great way to keep everyone on track and bridge any communication gaps.

Building these communication patterns may seem a little daunting to begin with. But the reality is, thanks to technology, dealing with an outsourced team is easier than ever before. 

With the above steps in place, and guidance from the team at Deployed, you’re sure to see improved efficiencies and a new and productive way of working. 

See what we can do for your business today.  

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