How to Manage Millennials in the Workplace


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Traditional office set-ups are being challenged – primarily by a generation with a new kind of approach to the workplace. 

Enter: Millennials.

Also known as Gen Y, managing these individuals day-to-day is proving a little tricky for some. Often perceived as stubborn and entitled, their reputation has come to proceed them. 

According to the Deloitte 2015 Millennial survey, 41% of Millennials want to be recognised monthly (or more) for the good work they do. So is dealing with Millennials simply just a generational ask for a slight shift in management style? 

Below, we share our tips for getting the most out of them:

Don’t micromanage

Millennials are looking for leaders, not micromanagers. They crave opportunities to make their own decisions instead of having decisions made for them. Place the emphasis on growth and development instead of controlling the work experience of each employee.

Make their voice heard

This is a generation who were raised to believe they are entitled to their own opinions. This means they are often keen to speak out, but also means they are highly innovative or creative. If you can channel this positively, they may well just come up with the next best idea for your business.

Be prepared to defy conformity

Conformity doesn’t sit well with many Millennials. If they see a better way of doing things, they are likely to try and push their managers out of their comfort zone – asking them to try something new. Asking ‘why’ is second nature to them – a nature is that can lead to new business efficiencies. 

Reinforce positivity 

Strict reprimand is not the name of the game here. If a Millennial falls short on a task, you are likely to get more out of them with encouragement and guidance. These are a group of people who want to know their employers care about their welfare – compassion will go a long way.

The bottom line is to work with millenials, not against them. They may work differently, but as the workplace (and world) evolves, your business must too. 

At Deployed, we have many hard-working Millennials – all motivated and driven as any other generation. Our team understand the culture and opportunities they crave and can help foster this when outsourcing new team members for your business.To get a better understanding of how we can help you, contact us today.

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