The Importance of Employee Recognition


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Employee recognition is a long-term investment and a retention tool. Empowered and appreciated employees are more productive in the workplace. Reflect on what has been achieved and give appreciation to those who have allowed it to happen. Your employees need to understand and share your vision as an organisation to motivate and inspire them.

A graph to show the perceived impact of employee recognition based on the link to organisational values


Companies using strategic recognition are 90 percent more likely to report high engagement. Appreciation is an innate human need. Employees respond to praise and appreciation of their work in a positive way as it shows that they are valued.  Recognise the achievements of the employee and their team on collaborations to inspire them. This will encourage them to maintain their current standard of input and maintain their work ethic.

When an employee feels that they are valued and appreciated, the feeling is reciprocated and a sense of loyalty is fostered. 88 percent of companies report that the corporate values are instilled and reinforced when there is a recognition plan in place and 71 percent of those interviewed attribute employee retention to recognition and praise.

Employee recognition will also communicate a message to other staff that this is the kind of behaviour they want to be mirrored. Employee recognition remains an undervalued management technique but is extremely important to get the most out of your staff in your domestic office and when outsourcing.

When working with your offshore team, clearly communicate your goals and provide regular feedback to ensure clarity and pick up on any small mistakes before it’s too late.

A personal call or email is a great way to recognise good work. Highlight exactly what you were impressed with so that behavior is repeated.

Contact a Deployed adviser for advice on building relationships and to get the most out of your offshore staff.

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