Industries that are Benefiting the Most From Outsourcing


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For businesses big and small, streamlining operations and maintaining a positive bottom-line is the biggest markers of success. Any tool or practise that can help achieve these two outcomes should be investigated. For many businesses, outsourcing core and non-core operations to the Philippines has become the increasingly attractive and accessible option.

Below is a list of the industries that are benefiting the most from the power of outsourcing.



In an industry that can drastically change from one day to the next, staying ahead of the curve is critical. Many IT startups don’t have the financial capital or local resources to keep up with their larger, more established competitors. Smaller companies who specialise in one area may also lack the expertise and experience in other aspects of a business. Especially ones that aren’t connected to their main offerings, such as accounting, HR or customer service.

Partnering with an outsourcing provider, such as Deployed, allows IT companies to optimise the resources they do have by allowing them access to talent at an affordable rate, whether you are building a development team, looking for admin support or customer service, the benefits of outsourcing is limitless.



The financial sector has experienced a huge increase in public and regulatory scrutiny throughout the past decade. With compliancy tightening and operational costs increasing, firms are turning to outsourcing as a viable way of satisfying their obligations.

Many firms outsource common aspects of their Finance business, including; Bookkeeping, accounting, IT support and data management. By outsourcing some of these core and non-core tasks, local firms now have the means to focus on improving their services



Much like the financial industry, healthcare is held to an extremely high standard by the general public and regulatory boards.

However, with healthcare being subject to regular changes in rules and regulations, it’s essential key staff are kept up to date. By outsourcing non-core operations, healthcare staff are able to concentrate on ensuring their institution remains compliant with any new changes or updates made by governments.

By outsourcing non-core tasks, such as admin support and data entry healthcare institutions are now able to provide a world-class service in the most cost-effective manner without jeopardizing quality or safety.  



The global retail industry is fast becoming one of the biggest users of outsourcing. Retailers ranging from large chains to ‘mom and pop’ eCommerce stores are capitalising on the positive benefits of outsourcing.

With competition for market position and brand supremacy incredibly high, retailers are constantly seeking to discover new ways they can get one-up on their competitors. For many retail brands, outsourcing key operations is becoming an increasingly popular practice. Common functions outsourced include; supply chain management, customer support, marketing and production.

Previously, outsourcing may have only been accessible to multinational mega brands. However, all forms of retail brands are reaping the rewards of outsourcing.


Engineering and architecture

With the massive boom in construction around Australia and New Zealand, many local engineering and architecture firms are turning to outsourcing to help them meet demands. Hiring skilled and experienced individuals locally can be an expensive and often fruitless process. With competition high and local wages rising, outsourcing to the Philippines has become a cost-effective solution.

Common roles outsourced in this industry include Engineers, Draftsmen, and Quantity Surveyors. Partnering with Deployed not only connects firms with excellent talent, but we work with you hand in hand to ensure you have the staff you require.


Deployed has partnered with countless businesses to create sustainable and productive teams that complement their local operations. If you would like to discuss how outsourcing can help you, contact us today.

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