Beyond the tipping point: it no longer makes sense to hire all team members locally


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The most important assets in any business are its people. With a great team behind you, it’s possible to achieve almost anything… and without the right people, it’s hard for your business to be competitive or grow. But in the face of global skills shortages, and rising wage costs, should it matter where those team members are based?

When talking to business managers, we often hear about their challenges in finding team members – they simply can’t find, or afford, the talent locally. Despite this, many remain resolute in their determination to hire locally. 

The obvious benefit of hiring local personnel is the face-to-face aspect. There’s the sense of trust in being able to see someone turn up to work every day, and those unexpected but highly productive ‘water-cooler’ conversations happen naturally when you’re in the same office. Plus, discussing things in-person can increase synergies and the feeling of alignment. 

Having video meetings with modern technology means we can see our colleagues in high definition, and robust internet connections make the video smooth and seamless, so it’s hard to argue that body language communication queues can’t be picked up over video.

What’s more, we can now tell at a glance who is online and working thanks to collaborative software like Google Workspace or Microsoft Teams. These common software platforms and their chat tools provide an informal, instant method of communication which has been widely accepted by workers from all industries, all around the world.

We have reached the tipping point – the convenience of hiring locally no longer outweighs the benefits of looking offshore. More and more businesses are finding geography is not the barrier it once was, and teams can work effectively even when geographically spread. One of the benefits of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the forced work-from-home situation – making many businesses and employees far more comfortable with working from geographically separate locations. Thanks to Covid-19, we’ve proven we can be productive and engaged – regardless of where we’re working.

In choosing to outsource, businesses benefit by having a wider talent pool to hire from and significantly lower costs. Outsourcing can also help businesses avoid hefty local recruitment fees and long lead times – particularly with more senior roles.

It’s easy to grow your team by offshoring with Deployed. We source well educated, English speaking professionals in the Philippines with the skills and experience your business needs. With Deployed you get all the benefits of outsourcing without compromising on quality. 

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