The Jobs You Should be Outsourcing and the Jobs You Should Keep In-House


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Outsourcing is a viable option to expand in a competitive market without footing an annual salary or expanding your office space. The Philippines is an affordable destination to outsource your workload without sacrificing skill and talent.

We have a list of the tasks every business should be outsourcing and ones that should stay in-house.

We realise every business is different, that’s why a Deployed adviser will spend the time getting to know your business before we recommend the tasks you should be outsourcing for maximum benefit.

These tasks should be outsourced to free up your time:

Finances and Payroll

Finances and Payroll are an essential yet time-consuming area of business management. Outsourcing these mundane tasks to the professionals will ensure accuracy and free up your time to focus on what matters.

Data entry

This is an important role that requires a great deal of accuracy and attention to detail. It also takes up a lot of time. This is not a role that should be kept in-house paying a local salary. Utilise the skills of your in-house employees. They will thank you for it.


Where your page ranks on Google search is not random, it is determined by the hours of backend slogging of backend management, linking and other strategies. This is extremely time consuming and the work is ongoing. SEO experts are highly skilled at their profession so can come at a price in Western countries. Outsourcing this essential task to the Philippines is an affordable option.

You can outsource just about anything, but we recommend keeping these tasks in-house:

Core business competencies

This is your area of expertise. You are the driving force behind your great idea so they should not be delegated to others, regardless of how competent they may be. Outsource the tasks that may be holding you up so you can focus on making your idea a success.

Disciplinary and HR functions

HR legalities will differ in every country. It is always best to deal with HR issues in-house following the correct legal requirements.

Training and development programmes

Your remote team can compile training programmes, but development assessment should be customised to your business, by those who know exactly what is needed for each individual and the business. Ongoing employee development should be carried out in-house, inline with the company’s goals and objectives.

It is important to provide your offshore team with training and development. Deployed can advise you the most effective ways to do this and we always recommend key members of the organisation visiting their team in the Philippines.

If you would like to request an appointment to discuss the tasks you could be outsourcing, contact us at Deployed. 

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