What to Look for in a Remote Team


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Nowadays, almost every small business or startup will outsource functions or have a virtual team. When hiring your offshore team, it is important to look for certain personalities that fit your company but also demonstrate their ability to work autonomously with maximum output. During the interview process, ask questions which will identify and verify the following qualities:

Share the same goals

The potential employee must show an interest in what you do as a company. High performing teams will have a sense of purpose. If your goals are aligned, they will be more motivated in achieving them. During the interview, ask them what they like about your company and what their future goals are. An ideal candidate should have thoroughly researched your company and be motivated by their aspirations.


Communication is key to building and maintaining a rewarding virtual relationship but for the most part, your team will be working autonomously. Look for qualities in the potential employee that demonstrate motivation and the ability to meet deadlines. Look for people who have proven to be high achievers at previous jobs.

Effective communicators

Communication will be crucial for your remote relationship to survive. During the interview stages, make sure the candidate can express themselves clearly and effectively. They do not need to be extroverts or excellent at giving presentations, but they need to effectively communicate with you and understand your delivery of instructions.

Result orientated personality

During the interview stage, ask the candidate how they prioritise their day and workloads. If they focus on completing tasks and moving on to the next one, it demonstrates their focus on achieving goals. You do not want a remote worker assuring you that they have worked a 50-hour week without a single output to show for it.


As well as self-motivation, candidates need to show traits of an independent person so they can work autonomously without the need for constant direction.

Team player

Finding the right balance between independence and team players is a difficult one, but both traits are important to run a successful remote team. Your team will be working on a mutual goal, respecting the same values so it is important that they can work well together to achieve them.

Deployed will help you through the hiring process matching you only with the candidates that suit your needs. You select and interview the candidates, ensuring you are in control throughout the whole process.

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