Make Sure Your Website is Optimised for a User-Friendly Experience


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Your business’ website is now more important than ever. In most cases, consumers investigate businesses online long before they decide to engage with their products or services.

It is critical your business’ website provides visitors with an easy and pleasurable experience. Neglecting your website will leave you running the risk of missing out on valuable leads. To ensure your website can convert potential leads into customers, make sure you take the following measures.

Keyword research

Keyword research is essentially square one of optimising your website. To get the most out of your online platform, you must have a great understanding of the current search engine landscape.

With programs such as Google Adwords, you will be able to identify the terms and phrases that potential customers are using when they search for products and services similar to yours. Not only will this provide a clear picture of common terms but also how often they are searched and the competition over those terms.

Ideally, you’ll want to identify terms and phrases that have low competition but relatively high search frequency.

Search engine algorithms constantly change, as they aim to optimise searches and make them faster, keywords are always changing. It is vital that your SEO department regularly conduct keyword research.

If you can’t perform this task, outsourcing this function with Deployed is a great way to conduct regular keyword research.

Use keywords

Once you have conducted your research and collected a bank of relevant keywords, it is time to put them to good use.

For your website to receive the best results, keywords should be the springboard for your content. Whether it is value-adding blogs or article, information about your products or services, or slogans and call to actions; keywords should be sprinkled throughout your website.

By doing so, you will see your website rocket up the SEO rankings. Ultimately, making it easier for people to find your products or services.

Don’t be slow

In a world where consumers want everything to be easily accessible and fast, a slow website is a killer.

However, not only will customers punish companies whose websites are slow, so will Google. Therefore as you continue to update your website with new content or features, it is essential that you continuously monitor and optimise your site for efficient speeds.

On top of Adwords, Google offers tools which will test the speed of your site and provide feedback and suggestions on how you can improve. Make sure you, take the time to review your websites speeds regularly to ensure a positive experience for visitors.

Optimise for mobile

In a day and age where smartphones are everywhere, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to have websites that are functional on mobile phones.

Mobile phones are often relied upon by consumers as they look to interact with companies while they are on the move. Having a website that is clunky, outdated and hard to navigate on a mobile, could be the difference between someone choosing you or your competitor.

It is no secret consumers are becoming increasingly digitised, engaging with brands on the internet before they commit to a physical sale. That is why businesses need to make it a top priority to ensure their online platforms are fully optimised for a customer friendly experience.

Unfortunately, many businesses do not have the financial capital or resources to build a dedicated team to maintain the platforms. However, outsourcing is a great way to create a dedicated remote team of web developers and SEO specialists that have the skills and expertise to keep your website user-friendly.

Deployed have the capabilities to create a team that will be able to optimise your online platforms. Whether you require a full web team or an SEO specialist, we will find the support that you need.

To discover how we can help your business, contact us today.

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