How to Manage Offshore Staff


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Investing time in staff is not a new strategy, but often one overlooked by businesses looking to budget and direct attention to immediate return. Think of a well-trained and valued employee as money in the bank. The initial investment may be costly and time consuming but the more engaged and focused they are in working towards your success, the better your rewards.


Every employee can benefit from a solid training program and this is no different for your offshore team. Training is a retention tool that installs loyalty and commitment which will lead to longevity and productivity. Encourage your staff to take part in online training as well as recording any domestic training sessions you have. Deployed can help by keeping you up to date with staff progress through performance reviews and implementing individual performance plans where needed.

Value Your Staff

It is a common misconception that offshore staffing factory farms their workers. At Deployed we have spent time to ensure their workplace is a positive one and do not hold a ‘bums on seats’ attitude. Unlike traditional outsourcing, offshore staffing focuses on retention and cultivating skills for the best return. Let your staff know that they are a valued member of your team through ongoing contact and recognition of exceptional work.

Personal Time Investment

When people feel supported they have the space to be creative and iterant. Empowered employees feel free to focus on areas where they feel most valuable which leads to a more successful and sustainable organization. The Philippines has access to all technology and like the rest of the world, has advanced from obsolete, traditional methods of communication. Invest time in Skyping, scheduling your offshore workers into weekly meetings like you would your domestic staff.

Speak to a Deployed adviser about how you can get the most out of your offshore staff. Working together we can grow relationships for maximum return.


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