Manila – The World’s Next Luxury Hot Spot


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Living in the vibrant Manila district, we have the privilege to be exposed to its diverse culture and exuberant atmosphere every day. That makes us a little bias when we say it has the potential to become the world’s next luxury travel hotspot, but it seems that we’re not the only ones who see its potential. The global media giants, Forbes have just named Manila as the world’s next luxury hot spot.

The bustling capital of the Philippines boasts a rich culture, fascinating history, incredible value and an abundance of luxury resorts to host the intrepid traveller to the high-flying business magnate.

What was once a key destination on the backpacker list for its proximity to stunning coastlines and affordability, offers a promising business climate to international companies for meetings, seminars, conferences, and CEO’s taking advantage of the BPO sector.

Manila boasts a long list of luxurious five-star hotels, a dazzling array of high fashioned malls, boutiques and world-class dining outlets – making Manila an affordable dream to the overseas experience. To add to the comparable glamour of Macau and Singapore, Manila has created an alluring mecca with help from the gaming and entertainment industry.

There are already three integrated resorts in Manila which offer rooms operated by international brands, restaurants, shopping and opportunities for gaming.

By 2019, Resorts World Bayshore will take advantage of the possibilities Manila has to offer by creating the fourth integrated luxe resort. The development will also exhibit a Grand Opera House, cinemas, and meeting and conference facilities.

It is no surprise that Manila is getting recognition on the global luxe list. Manila has seen a booming economy in the past few years particularly from the BPO sector and readmittances.  Many companies are now choosing to outsource to the Philippines over India due to the highly skilled talent pool, affordability and developing infrastructure. The Filipinos also have a good reputation for excellent hospitality and professionalism.

Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport is located near to the bustling central business district making Manila seamlessly accessible across the globe.

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