Maximise your offshore team member’s potential with Annual Performance Reviews


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In today’s fast-paced market, maintaining a competitive edge is vital for the success of your business, regardless of the industry. To ensure your team is consistently progressing towards long-term objectives, it’s crucial to assess their performance levels. One effective way to achieve this is through annual performance reviews.

Why should you conduct performance reviews?

Performance reviews have become a regular part of our work lives, whether we eagerly anticipate them or approach them with a mix of emotions. However, it’s important to understand that performance management goes beyond just evaluations, raises, and bonuses and promotions. It holds the power to shape the success of an entire organisation.

These are a few of the advantages of implementing a strong continuous performance management system:

  • It helps align and track measurable goals
  • It creates an ongoing feedback loop for coaching
  • It boosts engagement through recognition
  • It shows commitment to the longer term company goals

Performance reviews play a crucial role in unlocking the full potential of your offshore team members or seeking assistance from Deployed if any concerns arise, whether they are probationary or regular employees. Recognizing and acknowledging good work through these reviews is essential for staff retention, ensuring that they are fully engaged and committed for the long haul. Neglecting performance reviews can lead to demotivated employees who feel disconnected from the team.

As your partner, we take the initiative to reach out to our clients and provide you with notice to allow you to prepare for your staff’s performance evaluations. We have a standardised process in place for conducting performance reviews, ensuring that the overall experience for both you and your staff is stress-free and straightforward.

How do we manage your staff’s performance evaluation? 

  • 180-day Onboarding Process

During this period, we closely monitor the performance of your staff and collaborate with you to prioritise their growth and development. Regular performance assessments are conducted,providing constructive feedback and identifying opportunities for skill enhancement.

  • Annual Performance Review

After the probationary period, staff members become regular employees and undergo annual performance reviews based on their hire date. To support you through each performance review, we provide a helpful guide that outlines the evaluation process and key areas to focus on.

  • Salary Adjustments

We offer a quotation range for salary adjustments based on the team members’ current Philippine salary. Standard options include a 5%, 7%, or 10% increase, considering factors like global inflation and the demand for these roles. These figures are flexible and can be adjusted based on staff performance and consensus.

  • Bonus & Rewards Program

You have the option to provide bonuses to your offshore team members as a form of recognition and motivation. Our experienced finance professionals and administrative staff can assist in organising and managing effective bonus programs tailored to your team.

Throughout this entire process, you will have a dedicated Account Manager who will work closely with you to ensure all processes are met. We kindly request that you complete all necessary documents and requirements in a timely manner to avoid any delays in processing, which could negatively impact performance management and demotivate your offshore staff. Remember, the success of your offshore team depends on maximising their potential, and annual performance reviews play a significant role in achieving that goal.

If you require assistance with your offshore team’s annual performance reviews or have plans to further grow your team, please connect with our Account Managers today.

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