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Are you missing a work wife or husband? Forget the romance, a work spouse is a colleague with whom you have a platonic but tight relationship. A relationship which typically offers high levels of disclosure and support, and mutual trust, honesty, loyalty, and respect. 

The ’work wife’ label came about in the 30s with the stereotypical roles of female secretaries and male executives. In the late 80s this became better balanced with the addition of ‘work husband’ and ‘work spouse’ into our lingo. While a lot has changed since the 30s, two things haven’t…

  1. Countless roles exist for expert administrators and customer support professionals.
  2. Close working relationships are still highly valued – we are naturally drawn to colleagues who support us and offer the benefits of mutual trust, honesty, loyalty, and/or respect.

While typically not core functions, these roles literally keep the place going. But in today’s era, what would be the Millennial approach to the traditional ‘work spouse’ concept? Perhaps it’s outsourcing. 

Choosing to set these roles up remotely offers your business the benefit of dedicated administrative staff members, but at a fraction of the cost. Cost savings in these non-core roles help you hire the best local talent for those key roles that drive your business. What’s more, having these functions away from head office helps people in those key roles to focus on what counts.

With an offshore team, you manage work priorities and communicate with team members just as you would with anyone based locally – you have full control and transparency. The only difference is that your interactions all happen in a distanced manner with the help of technology… something we’re all more comfortable with as a result of the global pandemic. 

Outsourcing offers you the individual benefits of a work spouse plus the business benefits from increased focus and cost savings. It certainly seems like a smart upgrade to the traditional work spouse.

What to learn more? Let’s start a conversation about setting up remote staff to take care of your admin and support functions. Contact Deployed today.  


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