Motivate Your Offshore Team


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How do you motivate your offshore team to make them engaged and passionate about delivering you a quality service? Fortunately, the majority of the Filipino workforce are young and eager to work but it is still important to have a vested interested to make them feel valued, motivated and in turn, more productive at work.

A company’s success is directly linked to employee morale. Poor management, lack of feedback and underappreciation can depress productivity. Maintaining a positive work place is an important task for all managers. Improving employee psychology and satisfaction does not need to be complicated and costly and can be achieved overseas through regular feedback and communication.

Initial relationship

This is a repetitive piece of advice but one that is very important. Build a good relationship from the offset with clear goals and business objectives. This will promote accountability for the projects and allow them to align their work ethic and professional goals with yours and your business.

Provide regular feedback

Transparent, honest communication is the first step towards employee motivation. Employees will feel engaged and more focused as well as intervening any problems before they escalate. Check in with your team regularly to ensure you are both on the same track. Frustration can happen on both sides if the message is not being communicated effectively Allow them to give feedback. Motivation comes from employees having a voice and a purpose within the workplace. Ensure staff understand their role, their impact on coworkers, and how they bring value to the company.

Celebrate accomplishments

Reflect on what has been achieved and give appreciation to those who have allowed it to happen. Your employees need to understand and share your vision as an organisation to motivate and inspire them. Keep your offshore and domestic team up to date with any reciprocal achieved targets to encourage pride for the company they work for.

Have fun with the team

Distance will prevent weekly lunches and socials but this does not mean you should not share the fun with your offshore team. Exchange photos of any work drinks, parties or presentations to make everyone feel like a valued member of the team.

Mentor and upskill

Invested training goes beyond making the employee more proficient at what they do. An employee who feels like a company has invested time and effort and cares about their progress is likely to remain and have increased productivity.

Less formal employee communication

Web-based apps and web management systems allow employees to communicate without the formalities of email. This degree of empowerment creates a positive workforce. Encourage your domestic staff to communicate with your remote team on a personal and business level.

Respect their culture

A remote worker will feel more valued if you take the time to understand their corporate culture, business ethics and communication style. Acknowledge customs, traditions and observe religious holidays and traditions.

Employees want to know that you care about them as much as you do your business. Deployed provides air conditioned offices in the Manila business hub with all the necessary technologies to keep our staff motivated and able. We offer ongoing support and focus on building relationships between the employer and employee to make the experience beneficial for both parties.




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