How Offshore Admin Assistants Can Help You Get Your Business Back


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How Offshore Admin Assistants Can Help You Get Your Business Back

Time is money, now information is as well – particularly in the age of the internet and almost limitless knowledge. Unfortunately, for most SMEs, the problem is not in gathering information, it is in being unable to access it.

All businesses have to grow from somewhere. An aspect of operations that small businesses tend to overlook is record keeping. Processes for organising databases, servers, and CRM systems are initially haphazard because there is not enough information. However, as the business grows, the disorganisation of this information begins to affect the day-to-day operations of the company.

Additionally, as technology moves forward, systems which were once state-of-the-art become outdated and eventually unsupported. While newer systems are easier to use, easier to automate, and compatible with more devices and platforms, businesses stay with their old systems – often due to familiarity, along with the added hassle of time and difficulty of moving information from the old system to the new.

The result of this disorganisation is lost sales due to missing or incorrect information. Staff find increasingly convoluted workarounds while becoming increasingly irritated by the system they are using.

This is where an offshore admin assistant can be a business lifeline. An admin assistant can clean up databases and other information storage systems, migrate that information to new systems and format the data for automated access. Everything from inputting data from old paper filing systems, to gathering information from images and photographs.

An admin assistant is then able to maintain your databases and systems to keep information accessible and up-to-date. Additionally they can make use of the data for reports, presentations, and analysis to allow your business to make the most of the knowledge it has.

Outsourcing office administration is a cost-effective way of getting your information in order. When offshoring with Deployed, your admin assistant has a greater sense of ownership and commitment to your company, they stay with you, working exclusively for you. This allows your systems to continually be maintained in the ways which make the most sense and give the most benefit to you.

If your business is running convoluted systems for information storage, or using database software that was optimised for use with Windows XP, a Deployed admin assistant can revitalise your business and allow you to maximise the benefits you get from your information.

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