Why Offshore Graphic Design?


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Why Offshore Graphic Design?

Graphic design for most businesses – even very large ones – has been outsourced for some time. Agencies and freelancers are doing the bulk of design work both locally and overseas.

Moving to offshore graphic design work can be a great step. That’s whether your business has an in-house design team, uses a design agency, or even if your business is a design agency.

Benefits for SMEs

Branding and design is crucial to growing a business, but as with many non-core operations, budgets are often small. Particularly once the essentials have been designed – logos, websites, business cards – further work is often given to someone who isn’t trained. This results in poorly designed and unpolished additions that make the brand and business look bad.

By offshoring ongoing work with established brand design your business can avoid the costs of using an agency or a freelancer, while still getting a professional-looking result every time. In addition, work done by an offshore designer is usually completed fast. Certainly more quickly than the same work done by a marketer with a rudimentary knowledge of Photoshop. You keep your staff doing what they’re good at – which is more profitable in the long run.

Benefits for agencies and in-house design teams

Design is a creative process but as designers know – a lot of the work they do is not. Ongoing design work can be repetitive and time-consuming, such as clearcutting. This leads to very creative people spending their time doing uncreative work, which itself leads to high staff turnover rates and burnout.

By offshoring these aspects of the design process, you can keep your creative team working on projects which interest them. This stimulates better ideas, keeps talent on-board for longer, and stops them from getting stale.

Why offshore graphic design rather than crowdsourcing it?

When you engage an offshore designer, you are building a committed relationship. You can hire a designer with a style which matches your brand, and as your working relationship grows, so does the designer’s understanding of your needs. There’s no need to repeatedly discuss brand fonts, colours, and print requirements. Your offshore designer knows all the aspects of your visual identity so you can be sure that you’re going to get what you need, rather than each new designer’s best guess.

Offshoring graphic design work with Deployed enables you to get a qualified designer with less effort than recruiting yourself. In addition, your remote employee works for you from our fully serviced office. Thus you can be sure they have all the equipment they need to produce the best results for your business.

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