How Outsourcing Can Benefit Sales and Marketing


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How Outsourcing Can Benefit Sales and Marketing

It is no longer news – cold-calling is on the way out. But with the death of cold-calling some businesses think that offshore staffing can no longer help their sales teams. While the days of big offshore call centres may have ended, there are still ways outsourcing can benefit sales and marketing.

A brave new (sales) world

In today’s market, potential clients want to see that your business has made an effort to know who they are and what they do. Fortunately, with improved website cookies and analytics tools it is easier than ever to see who has visited your website and what aspects of your product or service they are interested in. From there, you can easily keep track of whether that person returns or not. And with information like the person’s name, business, and email; you can find out a great deal about whether the site visitor is a potential client, and how your sales team can best approach them.

The information is out there

There is a lot of information on the internet about almost everyone – including your potential clients. The problem is the time it takes to find it, the effort it takes to organise and collate it, and the skills it takes to create a customer relations management (CRM) system – which needs to be regularly updated and full of useful information.

Salespeople doing what they’re good at

The main reason companies aren’t making the most of the information available is their sales team is too busy selling. Salespeople, in general, are personable and outgoing – they are at their best when they’re dealing directly with potential clients.
Dealing directly with clients is what most businesses want their sales team to be doing – not spending time poring over data or trawling through the internet to find out more about potential leads. We all know that research is the key.

How remote staffing can help

Using remote employees to help create, update, and maintain CRM systems allows your business to have specialists handling each aspect of the sales process. Data analysts can take the information from your website and match it with any material potential leads provide to your site through forms or sign-ups. They can pinpoint the parts of your site the potential lead is most interested in, along with the method by which they find your site. From there, they can go out and look at your site visitor’s own website and social media accounts. They can gather any other information that will help identify what the pain point for the visitor’s business might be. That way, you can easily direct them to the correct product and solution that they need.

Better leads, more sales, less wasted time

By outsourcing lead research, your sales team can pursue higher quality leads with all the information to make a personalised approach. This results in the sales team wasting less time chasing up fruitless leads, and allows them to go into the sales process armed with knowledge about the potential customer’s problems. And giving a customised demonstration of how the product or service can solve them.

By offshoring your sales research with Deployed, you can build a small team which deals directly with your sales team and understands their needs. Your local sales team will appreciate the ability to spend more time talking with potential customers, and less doing the build-up tasks. Your business is more productive, while your sales team becomes more successful – all with the added value of saving on staff costs at the same time.

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