Outsourcing Content Creation


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Outsourcing Content Creation

“Content Creation” is something of a new term among marketers, brought about by the rise of Google and other algorithmic search engine ranking systems. Now, to get a website ranking higher – and thus more likely to be seen by potential customers – requires the addition of new, relevant content, on a regular basis.

This could be through updating and adding new product pages, running an informative blog, or collecting and curating links to other relevant sites and pages.

The difficulty for many business owners, particularly those on the smaller end, is that doing this takes a lot of time. So many sites go a long time between sporadic updates, because staff are too busy doing their job to write about their product or service, or lack the skills to do so effectively.

This is where outsourcing content creation can be very useful.

Outsourcing the entire process

Engaging remote staff to create content for your business is a good way of making your marketing budget go further. Although it may seem more intuitive to hire local freelancers to write for you, that is a process which can use up a lot of money quickly.

To begin with you will need to manage the process fairly closely, providing instructions and checking to ensure that the content produced is what you want to have on your website. But as your relationship with your remote employee grows and you know they can be trusted with less oversight, your content will be updated more regularly with less input needed from you.

A further benefit of using offshore workers to create content for your site is that it also becomes affordable to have them take care of uploading the content to your website and sharing it over the various social networks. Using a freelance writer to do this kind of sharing would quickly push costs well beyond the range of most smaller businesses.

Keeping the writing in-house

But perhaps you are keen to write your own content, or are lucky enough to have staff who are eager to write about their industry. Using remote staff to do the grunt work of uploading, sharing, submitting articles to directories, and building backlinks to increase your search engine rankings still makes a lot of sense.

These are often time-consuming activities which build to create benefits. There is little use in doing this kind of content marketing haphazardly, whenever you get time. However, staff with enthusiasm for writing don’t often also have enthusiasm for going through pages adding links or applying to online directories for links to their work. By engaging remote staff to do this work you are able to make the most of the content which you or your in-house employees create.

Curating rather than creating

Content curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content on a specific subject. Content curation is now a marketing staple for many companies with a successful online presence.

Curating content requires less oversight than creating it, but to do it in a way that gives real benefit to your business takes time. This makes it an ideal task to give to offshore staff. Your remote employee scours the internet for content relevant to your business, links to it, and uploads a summary to your site feed. This way you can build your brand a knowledge base for your industry without creating as much original content and without as much time-consuming involvement from you.

Outsourcing content creation for your website can solve the dilemma of getting you more visibility in the sea of competing businesses. All without stretching your marketing budget to its limit or requiring a massive time investment from you or your specialist staff.

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