Outsourcing in the Digital Age


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As the business world becomes increasingly digitised, Cloud-based systems are transforming the way businesses operate. For many businesses, transitioning from the traditional bricks and mortar filing processes to a Cloud-based system has opened up an unlimited potential for growth.

With the implementation of Cloud-based programs, businesses have been able to improve their working capacity and operational processes, allowing them to take advantage of the benefits of remote staffing. As with all aspects of business, companies are always seeking to reduce costs and streamline their processes.

Primarily, with Cloud-based systems it doesn’t matter if your staff are all under one roof or spread across various locations; sharing information is now simple, fast, safe and reliable. It has never been easier for businesses with multiple offices, to have staff members work together on tasks, regardless of the physical office location thanks to Cloud systems.

As a result, many businesses have moved away from the traditional office set up, to outsourcing skilled and affordable staff in the Philippines. The unprecedented growth in remote staffing can be largely attributed to the ease and security in transferring documents all over the world at a click of a button.

Secondly, many of the expensive costs and overheads associated with the physical storage of files are no longer required. Everything from a physical location for your filing or server units, expensive software programs or the hiring of a specialised IT department to manage the system has become obsolete. This will ultimately save you money which can be redistributed too much-needed areas of the business.

Thirdly, many traditional providers of business software are now offering their programs in a cloud-based format, including Microsoft and Adobe. Many more software providers will begin to transition into Cloud systems as their consumers start to make the shift.

With the integration of Cloud-based systems, businesses are able to individualise and tailor their cloud to their specific requirements. Many providers offer monthly subscriptions that allow you to only pay for what you use, allowing businesses to increase their packages as their storage requirements grow.

Lastly, storing and backing up your important information or project is easy when using a Cloud-based system. That heartbreaking moment when your computer crashes or you close an application without saving a piece of work is a thing of the past. The system continuously saves your work. So regardless of whether it’s a critical proposal or an inventory list, your information will always be stored and up to date

For businesses, large and small, the use of Cloud-based systems has opened up a range of exciting avenues for growth. Essentially, the Cloud has allowed for global expansion by allowing multiple offices to collaborate efficiently and effectively.

At Deployed, we have seen countless New Zealand businesses benefit from transitioning to a Cloud-based system to help facilitate a seamless collaboration between their remote and domestic team.


If you would like any information on how remote staffing can help your business grow, contact us today.

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