Outsourcing Trends Across the Globe


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Outsourcing has revolutionised the way businesses operate today, continuing in rapid adaption to keep up with the demands of the customer and industry developments. It has become a common strategy to allow business to compete in a demanding marketplace. The Delloite Global Outsourcing Survey represents the lifecycle and market trends of businesses who outsource functions across the globe.

What are the current and future strategies for various business functions?

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The survey found that not only has outsourcing continued to expand across functions such as IT, finances and HR, but it has also moved into nontraditional functions such as facilities management and procurement.

IT services remain the most popular outsourced role with 72 percent of the companies questioned outsourcing at least one IT function.

There are many challenges businesses face when they are looking to expand in the market which is why they look to outsourcing as a viable option.

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Driving business value through cost cutting is still the key motivator in outsourcing with 59 percent followed closely by allowing the business to focus on core competencies. Capacity issues remain a problem for businesses trying to grow a team.

Businesses are looking to outsource functions in countries with an educated technological workforce, language capabilities and a stable technology infrastructure. Deployed staff work from air conditioned offices in the vibrant business district in Manila. English is the official business language and all our employees are educated and specialised in their field.

Deployed can connect you with the talent you need to keep up with the demanding, competitive marketplace.

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