Outsourcing Web Development


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Outsourcing Web Development

For a business in 2016, having a great website is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. Clients and customers expect to see a professional web presence for any company. Outsourcing web development is a way to have that presence while reducing costs.

Developing a top notch website while running a business is becoming increasingly difficult , particularly if you do not have the luxury of having an in-house development team. The cost of hiring domestic developers full-time and contractually is prohibitively expensive.

Web development is not just a one-off project. A good website constantly needs to be improved. Full time developers are needed to carry out maintenance, testing, security upgrades, and more.

Many companies are already outsourcing web development

In today’s highly competitive market an increasing number of businesses, particularly SMEs, do not carry out their web development in-house. Businesses now regularly outsource development projects to a local web agency. If that option is unfeasible many other businesses contract freelancers to get the job done. Often these freelancers charge very high hourly rates.

Agency woes

Many businesses find that once you engage a web agency to develop and maintain your website, you lose control and confidence. Your project competes with the agency’s other work for priority – meaning your project gets done according to their timeframe. And often when you need support most the agency is not available. Although the fix might be urgent to you, the agency has a number of other clients to work for – some of whom may be paying a higher rate or else are simply more demanding.

Typically, freelance developers are cheaper than using an agency. However, should problems arise, if you haven’t negotiated an ongoing contract, you may find that they are not available to fix your site. Often freelancers work on short-term projects and move on to the next quick job for a good rate.

Taking in-house to offshore

There is a hybrid solution between the cost of hiring an in-house development team and the loss of control in using an agency.

Hiring offshore web developers who work exclusively for your company allows you to set up an in-house development team for far less than if you actually set them up in your office.

At the same time, because a remote web developer has no competing jobs they are able to prioritise the needs of your company. And rather than go through an agency, you deal directly with your offshore employee. This allows you to ensure the message your developer gets is the one you are giving.

Using one developer or development team to build and maintain a website means the employee who built the website knows the ins-and-outs of the platform. They know how the site is put together, what the purpose of each section is, and how to get around it quickly and effectively.

How Deployed can help you

Outsourcing web development to the Philippines allows you to get more experience for less money without compromise. Over 130,000 people graduate with degrees in IT and engineering from Philippines public universities each year.
Recent grads often have the most cutting-edge skills. And the sheer number puts pressure on more experienced developers to keep their skills up-to-date and keeps wages low. More young and hungry candidates in the industry give you more choice in hiring.

There’s no reason why you can’t start your Philippines development team small and grow it as your website grows. Or you can easily bring in more developers to work on major projects alongside your ongoing staff.

By offshoring your web development team your company will have the advantage of a top-quality online presence to generate more qualified leads and increase brand visibility. With the added bonus of reduced costs and more control.

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