Qualities that Shape Successful Teams


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Teams are a natural part of the professional environment. They come in a matter of different shapes and sizes, with no cutter-cutter way of creating a successful team.  

However, teams that are able to continuously produce good results and reach their goals share many similar qualities.

Strong leaders

Successful teams tend to be guided by a strong and passionate leader. Take a look at Tesla with Elon Musk or Nike with Phil Knight, most successful companies have a strong figure at the top.

As the leader of a team, you are the glue that holds things together. When times get rough, people will look to you for, support, answers and direction. When things are going good, your staff will be looking to be recognised.

Committed to one common goal

Working towards a common set of goals is a hallmark of every great team. To produce tangible results, everyone will need to be on the same page and striving for a common purpose.

While, there may be individuals or departments that contribute more, due to the nature of the work. It is vital everyone is on the same page, regardless of their position and committed to one shared goal.

This commitment starts with everyone understanding the role they play and the importance of this role. Ideally, if everyone is committed, personal goals and agendas will be put on the back burner.

Clear communication

Your communication channels will affect every aspect of your business. Right from the creation of an inclusive culture, to the sharing of ideas and opinions, to project management and defusing on conflicts.

It’s important you design and implement procedures and guidelines that facilitate quality communication between team members.

How you communicate will greatly affect the success and sustainability of the team. This is even more important as you look to expand your company, whether it be offshore or not.

Strong culture

At the heart of every successful team, is culture. Your culture influence every aspect of your company, including work ethic, commitment, support systems and interaction.

As business leaders, we are able to shape the culture we desire within our business’. Are you seeking a hard-working environment that is very rigid? Or, do you want it to be more informal and loose?

For entrepreneurs that are looking to outsource, the culture you create between your offices is key. It will go along way to determining whether or not you are able to get the most out of your remote team.

Well organised

Lastly, teams that produce consistent results are extremely well organised and structured in everything they do. With structures around monitoring of work progress, performance measurements and communication channels. Everything they do has a formal structure around it.

Organised chaos is a natural part of a business. The structures and procedures you implement will stop this turning into all-out chaos. Amongst the organised chaos, your structures will ensure all deliverables are being met and the business is viable in the long run.

When working with an offshore team, organisation and structure are key. Without it, businesses open themselves up to a number of issues that if left unattended could drastically affect your bottom-line.


We aim to create an environment that will allow your offshore team, to thrive and produce the results you desire. If you would like to find out how you can benefits from building an outsourced team with us, contact us today!


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