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If you have made the wise decision to outsource to the Philippines, you will start to reap the benefits very shortly. Outsourcing, like any business transaction, needs investment and careful management for maximum return. To ensure the process runs smoothly, we advise that you follow these steps:

Define your objectives

Clear objectives from the start will not only provide clear instruction for your outsourcing team but measurable goals. Your clear objectives should identify the workload, timeframe, targets and ongoing maintenance. When you define your goals and expectations, Deployed will be able to offer you tailored solutions. Your chosen Deployed worker will then have a clear understanding of their expectations and targets.

Find a reputable outsourcing provider

Outsourcing to a foreign country may seem like daunting and unknown territory. For many people, their awareness of outsourcing is hundreds of workers in a cramped office with broken English and a headset. The reality at Deployed is quite different. Our offices are in the Manila business hub. All our staff have excellent spoken English, softly American accented. English is the official business language in the Philippines. Our offices are modern, air conditioned and fully equipped with latest technologies. Deployed workers are educated and skilled in their chosen field. At Deployed, you are also in control of the whole process. Deployed will give you all the support you need, but from the hiring to arranging your meetings, you make the decisions.

Set realistic expectations for your offshore team

Your team in the Philippines are an extension of your domestic office so set them up with a realistic workload, as you would your local team. Provide clear instruction and check in on their progress regularly. Remember that you are dealing with different cultures in a different time zone. This is not a problem if managed correctly and can be beneficial as your business will be in operation for more hours of the day. Understand that you do need to invest in your staff to get the most out of them.

Factor in all the costs of outsourcing

Building an offshore team in the Philippines is an effective cost cutting tool, but there will be costs involved. An offshore relationship will only achieve optimum results if you are willing to invest time for regular meetings and feedback. Fortunately, the advances in technology make this simple. Should you want to provide further training or upskilling for your staff, you would also need to factor in these costs.

Start slowly and build your remote team

You will find that once you start outsourcing tasks, you will quickly see the benefits of employing a whole team of offshore workers. At Deployed, you will find specialists in web development, accounting, coding, and design. We advise that you start with one or two staff to make sure the process works for you and your company, then grow your team. Check out the top five roles outsourced with Deployed.

If you are ready to see the benefits of outsourcing work to the Philippines, contact a Deployed adviser today.

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