Save Your Business Money in 2017


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If you haven’t already taken advantage of the benefits of outsourcing, 2017 is the year to save your business money. Benefits are not just limited to monetary costs as more companies learn the advantages of freeing up their time to concentrate on the core business values.

Outsourcing has come a long way from its stereotype of monotonous call centers with a grasp of basic English. Outsourcing has become part of day to day business operations. Outsourcing tasks to the Philippines is particularly beneficial so smaller companies and startups. Here is how you can save your business money in 2017.

Write a Plan

As the year closes, reflect on the success of 2016, what your business needs for growth in 2017 and what is standing in the way of its success. If costs, time, lack of skilled staff and the availability of resources are listed as deterrents, now is the time to speak to a Deployed adviser about outsourcing to the Philippines.

Compare cost versus time consumption

As a small business, you may be overseeing all areas of the business operations. This may seem like the most logistic way to save costs but your time and expertise is being suppressed from concentrating your efforts to grow the business. Accounting and administrative duties are fundamental to the running of a business, but it is unlikely that these are they key competencies to your business growth. For a low cost, an offshore employer can take control of these tasks leaving you to drive your business where it needs it.

Compare the costs of what a remote employee with Deployed will cost you versus the cost of your valuable time. Our accountants and administrative assistants are fully trained and will keep you up to date with all processes and progress of the delegated tasks.

The cost of hiring locally

As your business grows, the next step will be to hire more employees to keep up with the demands. It is difficult to define the exact additional cost of employment but some considerations are:

• High salary for the high skillset required
• Health Insurance
• Cost of job seeking, screening and recruitment fees
• Sick leave

When you factor this in with a larger office space lease and infrastructure resources such as internet, servers and latest equipment, the costs become high very quickly.

Deployed offers highly skilled employees at lower costs in modern, air-conditioned offices to save you unnecessary overheads.

You can reduce your overall expenditure considerably by outsourcing tasks with Deployed. Whether you need help keeping on track with your finances or to build a new company website, Deployed has the solution.

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